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We Insist on: Quality is the life of our air curtains factory. We never compromise on quality. We keep using new materials to ensure the products’ service life.

At the same time, we implement 6S management in all aspects of the air curtain production process, and our employees strictly follow SOP to control production and quality inspection. We insist on “not taking quality problems out of the air curtains manufactory.”

For after-sales service, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours, making sure our customers are free from after-sales trouble!

we support different business modes

no matter what is your business modes, we can always provide optimal solutions at affordable prices by our air curtains production lines & machines


For a brand owner that has its own design or use our design, we can provide professional OEM service at a competitive price.
With strictly quality control and manufacture capacity of air products, we can give you satisfied products.


If you have any new ideas or great designs for products, we can give you free design for new businesses.
Give us your drawing, and our professional team will make it come true a really products. we believed, it will beyond your visualize.


If you are a distributor or wholesale in your market, don’t worry, we can provide not only suitable MOQ, but also with rich local market experience.
Fast delivery, super professional sale team can be contacted and help you with 7×24 hours.

Different Applications using Air products

PandaWind's products are widely used in different applications and industries, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, clothing stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc.


Retail stores

Keep the flies and save the energy cost


Restaurants & Hotels

Keep the flies, enhance customer comfort and save the energy cost


Hospitals & Rehab Center

Keeps the room clean and sanitary while saving energy


Schools and Educational Institutions

Enables students to enjoy a better learning environment


Entertainment Building

Saving huge energy cost and keep comfortable indoor environment


Cold Storage & Refrigeration

Keep low temperature, and saving HVACR cost


Warehouse & Factory

Barrier-free access to the door to ensure the safety of workers


Refrigerated truck & Bus

Prevents spoilage of refrigerated food and saves fuel costs

our hot sale air products

our products can provide your business with more fresh blood and brand reputation

A1 series air curtains


low noice, easy operation, super quality
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A8 Series Air Curtain


Attractive high RIO rate, easy operation, super quality
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A3-P Series Air Curtain


Build quality, easy operation, super strong air volume
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A5 Series Air Curtain


Powerful and quieter, easy operation, super quality
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X2 Series Air Curtain


Great value, integrate with the building, reasonable price
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Q1 Series Air Curtain


Strong air flow, easy operation, quality air curtain,
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X4 Series Air Curtains


Super easy to install, high air speed, beautiful design
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A2 Series Air Curtains


low noice, high RIO rate, great value
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How to Choose the Right Air Curtains Factory - Exclusive guidance for 2024


Decorative air curtains

If you are just selling products and you are fighting in the competition

If you are selling unique designs, you are earn in the blue ocean

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air curtains for saving Electricity and indoor air quality

An air curtain, sometimes also called an air door, As the core component of the air curtains, the motor drives the fan wheel to rotate, and blows out an airflow at the air outlet. This airflow forms a barrier-free door, which can effectively isolate the environment and temperature inside and outside the door. People and vehicles can enter and exit freely.

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Service Two

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air curtains FAQs

Do air curtains really work?
In the case of correct selection and correct installation, the air curtains are effective. The air curtains are also called air doors in some places, the air curtains will provide an invisible air door at the outlet so that the indoor environment is not disturbed by the outside.
What is the function of air curtains?
Air curtains have two kinds of functions, one is the cold wind (also natural wind, the same as the electric fan), other is the heating function, in cold winter can blow out warm air, in the winter, to provide warmth and comfort to customers. Most of the heat-making air curtains are using PTC heating, this heating is safer and more environmentally friendly.  There is also some using water heating heat, the principle is to use the advantages of the specific heat capacity of water. The heated water is passed through the copper coil and the fan blows the air to bring out the warm air.
Do air curtains cool a room?
Air curtains cannot be cooling, he can only slow down the loss of indoor cold air when open the door. Thereby, reducing energy loss and saving money. Air curtains does not have a compressor, his core components are the motor and wind wheel fans, so blowing out the natural wind (heating type air curtains can blow hot air)
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Benefits From Ventilation Fans

ventilation fans

Ventilating Fan FAQs

How Ventilation Fan Works?
Exhaust fans work principle similarly to ordinary fans, with the motor driving the rotating blades of the wind wheel, and expel heat, moisture, and exhaust gases from the bathroom/kitchen space. Due to the pressure difference, fresh air enters the room through the door or vent for air replacement.
Other type Ventilation Fan Works?
At the same time, the exhaust fan can also be installed with a human sensor device, when people enters the bathroom, the exhaust fan senses and automatically operation. Exhaust fans can also be installed on the humidity sensor, when the humidity reaches a certain value, the exhaust fan will also automatically run to prevent people forget to open. Also, can be installed with a delayed shutdown function, we recommend that after the shower, fans still continue to operation 20-30 minutes.
Where use ventilation fan
Kitchen, Lots of heat from cooking, grease fumes, pungent peppers, etc. Bathroom. Dampness from bathing, fumes. Moisture causes mold and damage to furniture. Stench and odor from human activity. Second-hand smoke from smoking. Living Room And Rooms, Keeps family healthy, Prevent asthma, Enhance ventilation and accelerate the removal of formaldehyde, Keeps the home breathing smoothly
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Our Services Always beyond our promises

Choose Pandawind, Choose reliance

No need to waste time on bad air curtains suppliers. The goal of Pandawind is to let you sleep soundly at night and no longer receive complaint calls. We are responsible for all tedious tasks, including trade, customs clearance and logistics. Our professional consultants will always keep you informed of the latest progress of the goods.

Bulk Shipping

We have many excellent cooperative freight forwarders, and bulk cargo can be transported at low cost

OEM & ODM Available

Whether it is OEM or ODM, we can accomplish our mission well and enhance your brand awareness

Start With Low MOQ

Our MOQ is 100pcs, and 1pcs for sample order with 1-2 days delivery

super quality

Incoming material inspection, 100% motor inspection, 100% machines inspection

stable delivery time

Production capacity of 20,000 units a month to ensure stable delivery

Find Professional Sales Rep

Choose Pandawind, choose quality and efficient!

Our Happy Clients!

thank you for choose us, and always trust us

In these years, we make progress together, we listen to each other’s voices, make progress together, and make money together.

customer feedback
Tony Edith

“I used to purchase air curtains from other factories in China, which was sometimes frustrating. Their prices are indeed very low, but their staff’s English communication and business skills are not very good, sometimes because they cannot deliver on time, sometimes because of shipping and customs clearance issues. I always delay the delivery of the goods, which makes me lose money and lose the trust of customers. Since cooperating with pandawind, there is hardly any trouble. Their professional sales and perfect quality always give me peace of mind. I just need to sit in the office to receive the goods, so that my family and I can have time to go on vacation and ski together. excited!”

"When we work with Pandawind, I will feel very comfortable, because James has a rich experience in my market, every time I grasp the market dynamics, it is amazing, I really love to cooperation with them."
pandawind customer testimonials
Bruno Sassoon
"We have been working with PW for nearly 10 years. I have witnessed his growth step by step. I hope that in the next 10 and next 20 years, I can still be with PW. Happy to work with that clever guys, they can be surely trusty with them"
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Penny Sam
Purchasing Manager
“I just started purchasing in China. In the process, I encountered many problems. I like Joy to ask for advice. They not only responded to me, but also told me many unnecessary detours. Thank him and pandawind. Team, thank you."
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Helen Stone

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