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who is Pandawind?

PandaWind was established in 2008. In this year, China also held the Beijing Olympics that attracted worldwide attention.
We have been in this field more than 13 years. We have advanced production equipment, a professional sales team, and timely after-sales feedback, making it easier for our customers to do business. Yes, we are amazing!
Our factory can produce 20,000 air curtains, exhaust fans, and ventilation equipment a month. Smoothly meet the customer’s delivery date.
In 2013, through an internal meeting, we decided to let the world hear us. So we set up an international sales department.

What you can get from PandaWind

Every customers has some doubts, what can Pandawind bring to me? Why should I believe you?

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Why Choose Pandawind

Choose us, make you earn more money

Raw Material

High-quality raw material factories nearby. We strictly control the quality of raw materials, tested them 100% to ensure stable quality


We stamping, cutting, painting, assemble, 100% finished products inspection, and finally packing. Make sure all the products with high quality.

on time delivery

We have 8 high-efficiency production lines. For normal orders, the delivery time is 20-25 days, for samples, the fastest delivery time is 2 days

Quality Control

we have 12 professional quality control staffs, which can make sure the material without defect, and we also 100% testing after assembly.

Rich experience

Our sales staff have been specially trained to grasp the market, the trend and demand of new products, and the follow-up of orders have very rich experience.


We have more than 20 R&D and technical personnel, who can transform new markets and new products from sales feedback into actual products.

Rich products

We have more than 20 type air curtains, 10 type of exhaust fans, more than 10 type of ventilation fans, which can meet the various needs of customers

after-sale service

We have 13 experienced sales, 15 professional technology, 5 smart R&D personnel, make sure your any questions can be solve within 24 hours.



I Am James.

The president of Pandawind.

I eastablish the Pandawind since 2008. Looking back on the development of the company in the past 13 years, we have encountered many competitors.  Sometimes they came fiercely, sometimes they were so powerful, but in the end they fell on the stage of history one by one. It is not how good we are, but we think the problem is never the same.  We only care about the products, and provide good services to our customers.

i can help you with

Hard Work

Hard work, work smart, make sure customer problems and issues can be solved perfectly within 24 hours.

pursue perfect

Never be satisfied with the current situation, always move forward, let customers make money and happy when cooperation with us.


For the reasonable requirements of customers, our aim is: through continuous efforts, let customers rest assured.


Do not deceive, do not conceal, communicate in the first time when there is a problem, so that every order runs perfectly.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Responsibility

We have a group of experienced employees. They are responsible, serious work, strictly abide by rules and regulations, and strictly follow the core requirements of our company in terms of production and quality.

We also have a very professional sales team, have a very sensitive sense of the market, and always help customers seize opportunities.

Important Things You Should Know about pandaWind Ventilation system

Questions And Answers / FAQs

How do you maintain consistent quality?

We see the quality is our company life. We aim at long-time relationship and focus on the quality and cooperation relationship maintenance. We won’t make bad quality goods to kill future market and cooperation.

how Pandawind control Raw material quality?

Our factory in Guangzhou, at our local, there are many raw material manufacturers and we keep good relationship with them. We have large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable material to us.  Also, we will do the Incoming inspection, it means, we testing the raw material quality by our self. If quality meet our requirement, it will go the next production steps. Otherwise, we will not use this raw material.

how about your Workshop

We have advanced production machines, and each workers is guided by strict SOP operation procedures. It can prevent employees from making mistakes. At the same time, we produce our own motors, wind wheels and sheet metal parts. We need make stable quality of air curtains parts.

how are you Quality control in workshop & packaging

Workshop: Four supervisors will check the art work, check the order requirement, make sure products meet quality.

Packaging: Before make packaging, our QC check whether the air curtains operation normal, and also check the appearance of plate, and make sure the remote control system can working…

how about you Price?

We are not the lowest price in China, as you know, you can find cheap and cheap price. Without cheapest. Our company cannot ignore quality, to meet the price is lowest. Because, quality is our company core goals, we care more about long time cooperation.

How many days is your delivery time?

We have 4 assembly line, and each line can assembly 150pcs air curtains per day. At least, we can manufacture more than 10000pcs air curtains in one month. So, our delivery time about: 30-40days.

Is your documentary team professional?

Yes, they have a lot of experience in following up orders. And, also have a follow up SOP, in order to follow up orders without missed or mistake. Before placing an order, we will confirm that all the art work is correct.

When order begin, we will follow up the purchase of raw materials. And check the incoming materials when they arrive at the factory. Check if there are any errors in the printed parts.

We provide a complete supervision document with detailed photos when loading the containers. Of course, we will inform our customer of these steps by email or by call.

How do you handle customers complaints?

Without factory have zero quality complain, the most important is professional solve complains.

Reply for complain: If any customers make quality complains, we will forward it to our service team. They will report directly to our factory manager. Usually we will hold a meeting with production, purchasing and packaging department in 12 hours, and will response in 24 hours with feedback and solution.

Negotiation: Usually we contact customers by email and telephone. Before COVID-19, we also go abroad to different market to visit our current customers. We will meet and talk face to face for a better understanding.

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