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Alan Pound

“I used to purchase air curtains from other factories in China, which was sometimes frustrating. Their prices are indeed very low, but their staff’s English communication and business skills are not very good, sometimes because they cannot deliver on time, sometimes because of shipping and customs clearance issues. I always delay the delivery of the goods, which makes me lose money and lose the trust of customers. Since cooperating with pandawind, there is hardly any trouble. Their professional sales and perfect quality always give me peace of mind. I just need to sit in the office to receive the goods, so that my family and I can have time to go on vacation and ski together. excited!”

“When we work with Pandawind, I will feel very comfortable, because James has a rich experience in my market, every time I grasp the market dynamics, it is amazing, I really love to cooperation with them”
pandawind customer testimonials
“We have been working with PW for nearly 10 years. I have witnessed his growth step by step. I hope that in the next 10 and next 20 years, I can still be with PW. Happy to work with that clever guys, they can be surely trusty with them.”
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Purchasing Manager
“I just started purchasing in China. In the process, I encountered many problems. I like Joy to ask for advice. They not only responded to me, but also told me many unnecessary detours. Thank him and pandawind team, thank you.”
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“In the whole process of purchasing the air curtains, Pandawind made me feel very safe. My colleague and I visited the Pandawind factory. The factory equipments are very advanced and fully automated. And I also visited the raw material warehouse. They control the quality of raw materials very well, and take samples every time. In the subsequent cooperation, my opinion was also verified, and there was no quality problem that caused me headaches again.”
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Ogden Noah
Purchasing Manager
“I am very happy and very lucky to be able to cooperate with pandawind from the beginning. Their product quality is very good. During my visit to their factory, I found that they used pure copper wire when assembling the motor. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use aluminum wire, the quality is worrying, and even destroy existing brands. So it is my luck to cooperate with them.”
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Diana Moore
Purchasing Manager
“I worked with another factory in China before, although there were no major quality problems or fatal cooperation disputes. But I always feel that something is missing. Until I met pandawind, they gave me what I always wanted, that is, professionalism, understanding of our market dynamics, and very comfortable after-sales service. Thanks to pandawind, I believe that our cooperation will continue.”
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Lionel Jerry
General Manager

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