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hospitals & rehab center

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Why Choose Pandawind

professional sale team

Our sales team is professionally trained, professional at the product, enrich the market trend, provide good service, smoothly cooperation

certified factory

We have UL, CE, INMETRO and so on certificates, and we own advanced production machines lines. Quality is the life of an enterprise.

good raw material suppliers

Our factory is in Guangzhou. There are many raw material factories nearby. We maintain good cooperation with them to ensure the stability of quality.

beautiful design

We have 5 R&D staffs who have high requirements for the appearance of the air curtains, so our air curtains are beautiful in design and can also support ODM

hot sale products recommend by our customers

A1 series air curtains

For installation heights to 3m (environmental separation) and 2.5m (insect control)


low noice, easy operation, super quality
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A8 Series Air Curtain

For installation heights to 4.0m (environmental separation) and 3.5m (insect control)


Attractive high RIO rate, easy operation, super quality
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A5 Series Air Curtain

For installation heights to 3.5m (environmental separation) and 3m (insect control)


Powerful and quieter, easy operation, super quality
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Q1 Series Air Curtain


Strong air flow, easy operation, quality air curtain,
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X4 Series Air Curtains


Super easy to install, high air speed, beautiful design
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A2 Series Air Curtains


low noice, high RIO rate, great value
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the process flow & duration estimation

The time here is the approximate time required for a complete order, please refer to it

step #1

OEM, ODM discuss & communication (1-3 day)

Whether you are OEM or ODM, we have extensive experience. We serve over 240 custom clients. We start by communicating with our clients about artworks, and we have a check-list to make sure that every detail is not missed.

oem or odm discuss & communication

step #2

sample prepare & testing (3-14 days)

If you need to test the performance of our samples, we can use our stock, so the samples can delivered to you in 1-2 days. If we don’t have stock, it will take us about 10-15 days to produce. For ODM customization, we will take 30-40 days (for mold production)

step #3

contract and deposit payment (1 day)

After confirming the samples, the formal order contract starting. Both parties discuss the terms of the contract, including delivery time, price terms, whether there are more parts costs, and other details. After confirmation, the deposit needs arrange, and it would be better to send it back with the bank slips.


step #4

mass production (30-35 days)

After confirming the receipt of the deposit, our purchasing department immediately proceeds with the purchase of raw materials. When all the parts are complete, they will begin assembly, tested and packed, and put into the warehouse for shipment.

step #5

balance payment & shipping (3-10 days)

One week before the air curtains assembly, we will notify our customers in advance and ask them to prepare the final payment by wire transfer. At the same time, we will contact the freight forwarder and arrange the booking shipment. When we receive the balance payment, I will arrange the shipment.

Estimated cost analysis for our air curtains

We show some basic expenses, in order to let customers know that they may encounter approximate expenses when working with us, to show the approximate process.

artwork design cost

For artwork, we have standard designs, such as cartons, nameplates, manuals, etc. Of course, we can provide some simple design changes for free.

artwork extra cost

For customer-provided design, such as colored cartons, or manuals, packing belts, and so on. We will charge you based on the actual purchase cost

Transportation costs

For sample or LCL shipping, we cooperate with DHL, FEDEX, etc. we can get a very low discount. We will charge you the actual cost including the invoice.

other fee

It is any other fee, such as original B/L amend fees, fines, late fees, etc. It is caused by customer operation errors, and they are usually low-cost amounts.

Sample fee

If you need a sample, please pay the least amount. If you place a regular order in the future, we will refund the sample fee, which means: Free samples!

extra accessories fee

Our prices were basic in regular models. If your needs to include other accessories, such as door magnetic switches, dust-proof nets, etc., more spare parts fee are required

Cancel order fee

If the order is canceled not caused by the supplier’s aspect, and we finished the purchase of raw materials, we will not be able to refund the 30% deposit. The deposit will cover our losses.

Order change fee

If the customer needs to change the order after the order is confirmed, if additional costs are incurred, the specific costs need to be further discussed

packaging & delivery & shipping & after sale service

Regardless of the department in our company, we can provide you with a satisfactory service



Our standard is a five-layer corrugated carton, but of course, if you need a thicker carton, we can also accept reservations. At the same time, for some machines that need to be transported by air, our standard is a honeycomb carton. At the same time, we face the violent transportation of some express, we provide double-layer cartons to ensure the safety of the goods



After we confirm that we can ship, if it is a sample, we will ship it via DHL, FedEx. if it is a bulk shipment, we can arrange a truck to deliver to the customer’s designated warehouse. If it is a container shipment, we can arrange for the container to come to the factory for loading.



Give us the freight forwarder’s contact information, our professional documentary staff will do a good job: booking, delivery, customs clearance, bill of lading confirmation, customs clearance documents, and other services.

after sales service

after sale service

Many companies are shouting the slogan; perfect after-sales service. But, many times it does not make the customer feel satisfied but rather disturbed. Because they do not have a professional team, no rapid feedback, no professional technical support, not enough experience, etc. caused. While we can give you these so that you can sleep well at night.

Questions And Answers / FAQs

Here is a list of some high frequency customer questions about ODM, OEM, Wholesale

  1. Prevent harmful gases from entering the hospital and provide a healthy indoor environment for patients
  2. Isolate annoying insects out of the door, isolate germs and bacteria brought by pests
  3. Save the high cost caused by opening the door, while saving energy and environmental protection
  4. Isolate bad external gas and provide patients with comfortable rehabilitation wards

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