A3-P series air curtain

Pandawind air curtains Application: restaurant, kitchen, supermarket, retail shop, store, Barbershop…

For 30 model: installation heights to 3m (environmental separation) and 2.5m (insect control)

For 35 model: installation heights to 3.5m (environmental separation) and 3m (insect control)

Weight 5-18 kg
Dimensions 60-180 × 19.2 × 17.5 cm
Air Speed

11.5m/s, 9m/s


50Hz, 60Hz


110V, 200V, 220V, 240V

A3-P series air curtain product video

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  • Check A3-P series air curtains at different angles
  • What is the advance of A3-P series air curtains?
  • Why you should choose this series of air curtains?
  • When do we use A3-P series air curtains?
  • Where is the installation of A3-P series air curtains?
  • How to installation A3-P series air curtains?

A3-P series air curtain data sheets

ModelVol/ (V)Fre(Hz)Motor input power (W)Air Velocity (M/S) Noise (dB)Air Volume (M3/H)N.W (KG)G.W (KG)Unit Size (MM)Packing Size (MM)

why choose pandaWind A3-P series air curtain

The Most Important Thing Is To Choose The Correct And Effective Air Curtains. Why?

According to the NSF & AMCA standard, air curtains for customer entry shall have a minimum 8 inches (200mm) air stream depth and an air velocity of at least 600fpm (3.05m/s). the measurement point shall be at a distance of 3 ft (0.9m) above the floor.

For our A3-P series air curtains, the max air velocity can reach 3.5m/s, so, our air curtains can definitely meet NSF & AMCA standards!


  • Super Easy To Install, Operate, Clean And Maintain
  • Remote Control And Door Switch Are Optional
  • Pure Copper And Two-Speed Motor
  • High-Quality Abs Cross-Flow Fan With Low Noise Operation
  • Strong Air Flow & Air SpeedBy Perfect Structure Design
  • Ultra-Slim Design Suitable Most Commercial Building
  • Ambient Cross-flow model


  • Invisible Door = Customers-friendly
  • Insect & Pests Stopper
  • Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  • Cleanroom Protector = Protect Goods & Staffs
  • Compressor-Friendly
  • Perfect ROI
  • HVACR & Compressor-Friendly
a3 p

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