How Did Air Curtains Work: The Definitive Guide-update for 2022

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In this post, you can learn:

  1. How do the air curtains work?
  2. Way to open the air curtains.
  3. How the air enters the air curtains
  4. Differents air curtains wheel fan……

With the improvement of living standards.

More and more countries and business owners have begun to pay attention to controlling the indoor air environment 

and preventing the loss of air-conditioning/heating.

Which has achieved energy and electricity savings.

Therefore, the use of air curtains is becoming more and more widespread. 

Are you curious about how the air curtains work? 

Why air curtains can keep the indoor temperature?

Let’s start it!

How do air curtains work?

The air curtains, we can also call them: air doors. It works like an electric fan. 

It sucks in air, accelerates the air, and forms an invisible high-speed air barrier (like a waterfall) at the door. 

People and products can pass freely. And prevent more than 90% of heating and cooling air loss out.

Also, air curtains keep dust and flying insects from entering the door.

Air curtains workflow is divided into the following main five steps:

#Steps 1: Turn on the power of the air curtains, and the air curtains start operation

#Steps 2: Air enters the air curtains from the air inlet grille (some models can be equipped with filters devices to protect the interior spare parts of the air curtains from dust and particles. And also, it will keep clean, only clear the filter)

#Steps 3: The high-speed rotating wind wheel accelerates and compresses the incoming air

#Steps 4: The accelerated air is discharged from the air outlet of the air curtain and sprayed to the ground

#Steps 5: Form a high-speed air barrier to divide indoor and outdoor environment and temperature, and also keep the fly.


Three ways to power on the air curtains

Manual Switch

After the air curtains are connected to the power supply, press the left button to run at low speed, the middle button to stop, and the right button to run at high speed.

manual switch

Remote Control Switch

The models with remote control are equipped with manual switches. After turning on the power. It can control high-speed and low-speed operation by the remote control board.

remote control switch

Automatic Switch

For some places, people hope that the air curtains can automatically open and close the door by themselves, which requires our door magnetic switch or travel switch.

automatic switch

Three ways air enters the grille

Air Entry From Front Side

After the air enters from the front side, it turns 90 degrees inside the air curtain, and the air blows out from below side (most of the cross-flow models)

air entry from front side

Air Entry From Top Side

Wind enters from the top and blows out from the bottom side (most centrifugal models)

air entry from top side

Air Entry From Left Side & Out From Other Sider

The air enters from the left and blows out from the right side, at the air curtain front plates (usually use in ceiling type or straight row type)

Air curtain air outlet guide

The function of the air outlet guide is to adjust the wind direction of the air outlet, and its adjustment angle can be up and down 16 degrees to meet the wind problem of different angles

air curtain air outlet guide

Three Types of Air Curtains Fan

Cross-Flow Type

Most of the air curtain is composed of a motor and two wind wheels, the air speed is average, the installation height of the cross-flow type air curtains can generally be 2.5-3 meters

cross flow model air curtains

Centrifugal Type

The centrifugal air curtain is composed of multiple motors and wind wheels, the air speed is relatively high, the installation height of the centrifugal air curtain can generally be 3.5-4 meters.

centrifugal model air curtains

Axial Flow Type

The axial flow air curtain is a motor with a wind wheel, The air curtains are longer, with more sets of motor and wind wheels. The air speed is relatively low and the noise is also relatively lower than another type. It is generally installed in small coffee shops, bakeries, etc.

Four Installation Methods of Air Curtain

Horizontal Installation

In most air curtains installation cases, the air curtain is installed horizontally, and the air runs from the air outlet to the ground.

Vertical Installation

For special places, where the upper part cannot be suspended, or the glass is unable to be punched. You can use the vertical installation, which can be installed vertically on the left sides, or on the right sides, or installed on both sides at the same time.

Ceiling Hidden Installation

The air curtain can also be installed in the ceiling to make the building look more harmonious.

Installation At The Bottom Of The Floor

This installation method is not widely used, and the application is small, then the air curtain and installation cost are higher.

As a Conclusion

As the air curtains that we often see in shopping malls or small stores are all ordinary air curtains, 

If you read this article, you can understand that the principles of operation are relatively easy.

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