air curtains 101

Now, let's see how the air curtain saving for us

what is an air curtains

An air curtain, sometimes also called an air door, As the core component of the air curtains, the motor drives the fan wheel to rotate, and blows out an airflow at the air outlet. This airflow forms a barrier-free door, which can effectively isolate the environment and temperature inside and outside the door. People and vehicles can enter and exit freely.

what is an air curtain & air door?

How Does an Air Curtain Work?

The air curtain, we can also call it: air door. It works like an electric fan. It sucks in air, accelerates the air, and forms an invisible high-speed air barrier (like a waterfall) at the door. People and products can pass freely. And prevent more than 90% of heating, cooling air, dust, and flying insects from entering the door.

benefits of use air curtains?

Before understanding the air curtains, let’s see what benefits they can bring to us:

Where to installation an Air Curtain?

The original intention of the air curtains is for climate protection, which prevents the exchange of indoor and outdoor air after opening the door. When the door is opened, if without air curtains, the heated or cooled air in the room will flow out, causing energy loss. After with the air curtains, it can up to 80% of the energy loss can be saved. Under normal circumstances, the average payback period of the air curtains is 2 to 3 years. Let’s see where need use air curtains.

do the air curtain effective?

Yes, it definitely works effective!  All research, testing and use experience have proved that the air curtains is effective. As long as you install and use it correctly, the effect of the air curtain is very obviously. Air curtains role has the following 3 main points:

Do Air Curtains Keep Flies Out?

In the case of the correct choice and installation of air curtains, it can resist most insects and flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc… The air curtains blow a strong air wall so that these insects cannot enter the room, thus playing a physical barrier (not by killing insects through insecticides)

Air conditioning vs air curtains

Air curtains cannot be cooling, he can only slow down the loss of indoor cold air when open the door. Thereby, reducing energy loss and saving money. Air curtains does not have a compressor, his core components are the motor and wind wheel fans, so blowing out the natural wind (heating type air curtains can blow hot air)

FunctionsAir conditioningAir curtains
Refrigeration or notYesNo
Core componentsCompressorsMotors
Heating or notHeating by CompressorsCompressors by PTC
BenefitsProvides a certain temperatureKeep the inside environment and energy saving

What is the function of air curtains?

Air curtains have two kinds of functions, one is the cold wind (also natural wind, the same as the electric fan), other is the heating function, in cold winter can blow out warm air, in the winter, to provide warmth and comfort to customers.

Most of the heat-making air curtains are using PTC heating, this heating is safer and more environmentally friendly. 

There is also some using water heating heat, the principle is to use the advantages of the specific heat capacity of water. The heated water is passed through the copper coil and the fan blows the air to bring out the warm air.

more information and knowledges

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