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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, I collected the questions asked by clients in my work and give a professional answer. If you also encounter problems or confusion, maybe you can find the answer that satisfies you here. If some questions did not show on this page, please contact me and I will be very happy to answer you.


air curtains FAQ

how can i choose the air curtains?

1. Determine the height of your door;
2. Determine the width of your door
3. Determine the use occasion
4. Are there any special requirements?
5. Write an email to us for sales:

how about the after-sales service ?

If the customer purchases a 20GP air curtain, we will provide 1% of the value of the free accessories as the customer’s future maintenance

air curtain is saving cost?

Yes, the Pandawind air curtain can reduce 40% of the energy loss for customers and open the door to do business. And can effectively prevent insects, mosquitoes, and odors from entering

air curtain with filter?

Some models can be installed with filters (dust nets) and some machines cannot be installed. If necessary, please contact our sales

air curtain can control by remote ?

Yes, the air curtain machine can have switch series, remote control series and automatic relationship column. You need to consult related business before placing an order.

air curtain outlet can be adjusted ?

Yes, each of our air curtains can adjust the angle of the air curtains to meet the needs of different places

how many speed choose ?

The standard of our air curtain is two speeds, high speed and low speed. Of course, we can also make the air curtain only high speed, or have three wind speeds: high speed, medium speed and low speed. If you need special customization, you must communicate with the sales before placing an order

do you have air curtain for cold room ?

Yes, we have a special air curtain used in cold storage, it has a special structure, please contact our sales for details

what material you use the heater ?

We use non-charged PTC heaters, which are safe, efficient, and have long service life.

air curtain can auto operation ?

We have air curtains with automatic opening and closing, but this is not a standard configuration, if you need, please contact our sales

What is the function of air curtains?

Air curtains have two kinds of functions, one is the cold wind (also natural wind, the same as the electric fan), other is the heating function, in cold winter can blow out warm air, in the winter, to provide warmth and comfort to customers.

Most of the heat-making air curtains are using PTC heating, this heating is safer and more environmentally friendly. 

There is also some using water heating heat, the principle is to use the advantages of the specific heat capacity of water. The heated water is passed through the copper coil and the fan blows the air to bring out the warm air.

How much does an air curtains cost?

Take an ordinary commercial air curtain as an example, without heating, the length is 900 mm. assume that the daily operation of 8 hours, a day of electricity consumption of about 1 kWh. Up to half of the time a year need to open the air curtains, almost a year 180 degrees of electricity. 

A degree of electricity 0.67 yuan, a year an air curtains electricity costs about 120 yuan, converted into U.S. dollars for $ 18.4 (exchange rate: 1: 6.5)

Do air curtains keep flies out?

In the case of the correct choice and installation of air curtains, it can resist most insects and flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc…

The air curtains blow a strong air wall so that these insects cannot enter the room, thus playing a physical barrier (not by killing insects through insecticides)

Do air curtains really work?

In the case of correct selection and correct installation, the air curtains are effective. The air curtains are also called air doors in some places, the air curtains will provide an invisible air door at the outlet so that the indoor environment is not disturbed by the outside.


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