What Is An Air Curtains & Air Doors? [2022 Reviews]

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In this post, I’m going to show you what is air curtains by detail.


When you pass by the door of a shopping mall or retail store.

You will find that there is a machine similar to an air conditioner.

Hanging on the door and blowing air downward.

You may be curious, what exactly is this?

Will this machine be the same as an air conditioner in cooling?

In this article, we will tell you what is an air curtain.

Let’s dive right in.

What is an air curtain & air door?

An air curtain, sometimes also called an air door, As the core component of the air curtain, the motor drives the fan wheel to rotate, and blows out an airflow at the air outlet. This airflow forms a barrier-free door, which can effectively isolate the environment and temperature inside and outside the door. People and vehicles can enter and exit freely.

*The inside of air curtains (cross-flow model)

cross flow model air curtains

*The inside of air curtains (centrifugal model)

centrifugal model air curtains

Now, you can see the air curtain in more and more applications.

It is used as a necessity for the below applications:

Let us learn more about the air curtains.

*Below picture shows the 10 benefits from our PandaWind air curtains.

what is an air curtain & air door?

How Does an Air Curtain Work?

About the air curtain, people often ask, what is an air curtain working principle?

  1. Turn on the power switch or remote control, the air curtain is operations, and air enters the air intake grille1.  (cross-flow wheel fan model: side air intake & centrifugal model: top air intake);
  2. As the motor rotates at a high speed, it drives the wind wheel to rotate, and the air is accelerated in the air curtain machine;
  3. For side air intake, after the air accelerates, the wind direction inside the air curtain changes 90 degrees, for top air intake, the wind direction remains unchanged;
  4. The inhaled wind is ejected from the air outlet, at the bottom of the air curtain at high speed. Form a distributed wind belt;
  5. The wind speed is the highest at the air outlet position and attenuates. When we ask to reach the ground, it still needs 3.05m/s airs peed. (According to the NSF standard, air curtains for customer entry shall have a minimum 8 inches (200mm) air stream depth and an air velocity of at least 600fpm (3.05m/s). the measurement point shall be at a distance of 3 ft (0.9m) above the floor.)

What Is the Difference Between an Air Curtain and Air Conditioner?

Some people often confused air conditioners and air curtains,

Now, let’s answer the difference between the air curtain and an air conditioner.

The biggest difference between air conditioners and air curtains is: Air conditioners can be cooled, while air curtains can only blow natural wind. If the air curtains with heating function, they can blow hot wind in the cold winter.

The main components of the air curtain are:

  1. Motor
  2. Windwheel
  3. Remote control
  4. Heating type air curtains with PTC heaters

The core components of the air conditioner are the compressor, and the air curtain is not available.

So the air conditioner and the air curtain are two different machines that cannot be replaced, but they can complement each other.

For example, in the hot summer, air-conditioning cools the area, and air curtains can form a good air barrier at the door.

Prevent excessive leakage of air-conditioning and save high summer electricity bills.

In the same way, in winter, the air curtain can also prevent warm air from leaking out and save energy.

Below table show some core differences between air curtains and air conditioner

difference between an air curtain and air conditioner table

Why Use an Air Curtain?

Some people may ask, is it worth installing a power-consuming device?

The answer is: Yes.

Please see our answers to why we use air curtains below:

  1. Increase the comfort of restaurant customers and employees, and then increase revenue
  2. Reduce the loss of air-conditioning cooling or heating, save energy and electricity bills
  3. Isolate harmful external gases, such as car exhaust and odor
  4. Reduce the annoying flies and other insects that enter
  5. Maintain a clean indoor environment, isolate the external gray layer and dirt caused by outside construction
  6. Make entry and exit unimpeded, do not open and close the door 
  7. Cut icing and fogging at the entrance of cold storage, reduce energy consumption caused by temperature difference

Where to Use an Air Curtain?

Air curtains are becoming more and more common in daily life and work,

And there are more and more occasions for people to consider using air curtains.

For some developing countries,

People are paying more and more attention to the working environment, living environment, and dining environment.

Thus, the sales volume of air curtains has begun to increase.

Let us see where air curtains are needed.

  • Small Shop & Store
  • Supermarkets
  • Milk Tea Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Subway Station
  • High-Speed Rail Station
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Cold Storage Warehouse
  • Factories
  • Hospital

For some new areas, have begun to use the wind curtain machine, such as

1. Tableware cleaning line: When the clean bowl is out, use the wind curtain machine to blow the bowl on the residual water to dry

2. Automatic car wash: When the car through the automatic car wash machine, the need for a strong wind curtain machine to blow away the water

3. Garbage truck: for the garbage left in the garbage truck, use the wind curtain machine to blow it away from the garbage car

To Conclude:

Air curtains are very versatile.

Most of them are used for commercial purposes.

Households also need to use air curtains.

In some villa families, installing the air curtain at the entrance and exit of the garage can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the house and reduce mosquitoes ‘ troubles.

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