A1 series air curtain

Pandawind air curtains Application: restaurant, kitchen, supermarket, retail shop, store, Barbershop…

For installation heights to 3m (environmental separation) and 2.5m (insect control)

Weight 56-11.6 kg
Dimensions 90-200 × 150 × 160 cm
Air Speed

8m/s, 9.5m/s


50Hz, 60Hz


110V, 200V, 220V, 240V

A1 series air curtain product video

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  • Check A1 series air curtains at different angles
  • What is the advance of A1 series air curtains?
  • Why you should choose this series of air curtains?
  • When do we use A1 series air curtains?
  • Where is the installation of A1 series air curtains?
  • How to installation A1 series air curtains?

A1 series air curtain data sheets

Air Velocity
Air Volume 
Unit Size 
Packing Size 

why choose pandaWind A1 series air curtain

The Most Important Thing Is To Choose The Correct And Effective Air Curtains. Why?

According to the NSF & AMCA standard, air curtains for customer entry shall have a minimum 8 inches (200mm) air stream depth and an air velocity of at least 600fpm (3.05m/s). the measurement point shall be at a distance of 3 ft (0.9m) above the floor.

For our A1 series air curtains, the max air velocity can reach 3.5m/s, so, our air curtains can definitely meet NSF & AMCA standards!


  • Super Easy To Install, Operate, Clean And Maintain
  • Remote Control And Door Switch Are Optional
  • Pure Copper And Two-Speed Motor
  • High-Quality Abs Cross-Flow Fan With Low Noise Operation
  • Strong Air Flow & Air SpeedBy Perfect Structure Design
  • Ultra-Slim Design Suitable Most Commercial Building


  • Invisible Door = Customers-friendly
  • Insect & Pests Stopper
  • Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  • Cleanroom Protector = Protect Goods & Staffs
  • Compressor-Friendly
  • Perfect ROI
  • HVACR & Compressor-Friendly
pw 30xx a1 60

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