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Why 24V air curtains are a Game-Changer for Food Service Industry?

We need 24v air curtains in our vehicles to effectively retain refrigerated air during the loading and unloading processes. By doing so, we ensure the freshness of our produce throughout deliveries while concurrently reducing carbon emissions. The air curtains significantly minimize the energy required to maintain the trailer at the optimal temperature, making our operations more environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, we emphasize the utmost importance of maintaining food safety and hygiene in the industry, ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest quality and safety standards.

24V air curtains production (2)

The 12V & 24V air curtains factory index

why need Refrigerated Truck & Bus air curtains

Certainty, there is no doubt that this air curtain can be used in a car without any converter. 24V air curtains, like other commercial/industrial air curtains, provide a strong invisible air door to keep the cool air inside the car from flowing out too quickly and to keep the car clean.

For refrigerated trucks, we all know that when the unloading door starts, the temperature inside the refrigerated truck is extremely low, and the outdoor temperature can reach 30 ℃. This will produce a huge temperature difference, leading to a large loss of air-conditioning and increasing fuel consumption. Even long-term operation will cause accelerated damage to the refrigeration system, which requires 24V/12V air curtains to help car owners and save operating costs.

Advantages of 24V/12V Air Curtains for Refrigerated Trucks and Mobile Food Units

Save energy

Utilizing DC air curtains is essential for optimizing energy efficiency in vehicles. Without their implementation, cooling energy consumption could surge by a significant factor of 4-5 times, resulting in an alarming annual increase of 2000-5000 liters of fuel consumption. However, by integrating air curtains into the vehicle design, these excessive fuel costs can be effectively mitigated, leading to substantial savings in operational expenses.

Prevent food

If there is excessive cold air loss, it can disrupt the optimal temperature within the freezer. This situation becomes particularly critical when the truck is transporting temperature-sensitive goods, such as ice cream. The risk of the ice cream melting due to inadequate temperature control can lead to unsaleable products, resulting in financial losses for the business. Therefore, maintaining proper insulation and temperature regulation is crucial to ensure the quality and marketability of the transported goods, especially perishable items like ice cream.

HVACR friendly

Reduce the running time of the vehicle’s air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

benefits from Refrigerated Truck & Bus air curtains

12V/24V air curtains we are hot sales

12V & 24V - 1


First generation 24v air curtain in stainless steel and steel cases.

12V & 24V - 2


Second generation 24v air curtain in stainless steel and steel cases.

12V & 24V - 3


NEWEST 24v air curtain in stainless steel and steel cases.

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24V air curtains production

24v air curtains use in different application

Food Service

Food Service

DC air curtains are utilized in commercial kitchens and food service areas to prevent the entry of insects, dust, and contaminants while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment

Delivery Trucks and Vans

Delivery Trucks and Vans

DC air curtains are employed in refrigerated delivery trucks and vans to maintain the desired temperature inside the cargo area, ensuring the freshness of perishable goods during transportation.

Drive-Thru Windows DC air curtains

Drive-Through Windows

Drive-through lanes at fast-food restaurants and banks often use DC air curtains to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy loss while serving customers efficiently.

Truck body factory

Truck body factory

We utilize advanced 24V air curtains to make your trailers stand out in the market. Your trailers will be more attractive to customers, giving you a competitive advantage over your peers. Boost your sales, profitability, and competitiveness with our unique and market-leading truck bodie



Our DC air curtains always keeping the inner bus environment cleaner, tidier, and reducing fuel consumption by preventing cold air from escaping. Help traveller enjoy a comfortable and sustainable travel experience. So increase your competitiveness in bus factory.

Logistics and distribution centres

Logistics and distribution centres

Giving fleets a competitive edge by securing priority access to crucial supplies like food and medicine. The implementation of DC air curtains enhances cargo safety, protecting goods during transportation. Additionally, this technology contributes to increased transport unit prices and overall profitability

why Choosing our 12V&24V air curtains

stainless steels

Full body stainless steel, never rusts in wet and cold environments

Aluminium wind wheel

No fear easy damage, even in the face of minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Low Temperature Bearing

Whether it is at 30 degrees or minus 30 degrees, smooth rotation is his mission.

full cover motor

Smooth operation in low temperatures without worrying about the motor being plagued by humidity

quick connector

Save labour costs by connecting each 12V/24V air curtain in just 1 second.

Different color

We have made the OEM 24v air curtain not boring, we can also spray it in black, blue, etc.

24V air curtains Features - pandawind DC air curtains supplier

Honeycomb air Inlet

Honeycomb air Inlet

To Ensure Enough Air Volume

wire to stronger cable

Upgrade wire

Upgrade wire to stronger cable

Faster Connect

Save time, save the money

Full Cover Motor

Full Cover Motor

Waterproof And Moisture Proof

Low Temperature bearing

Specially bearing

Smoother in low temperature

Aluminum Wind Wheel

Aluminum Wind Wheel

Perfect For Running -25℃


stainless steel screws

Full body without rust anymore

Protective Grille

Protective Grille

Prevents Workers From Reaching


Reflective Strip

Worker And Goods safety

How to OEM 12V/24V air curtains at Pandawind

Step 1
Determination application

Determine your usage application, whether the food service industry, truck body builder, bus, and logistics and distribution centres, and so on.

Step 2
Determination voltage

Having the flexibility of using both 12V and 24V motors for our air curtains gives us a competitive advantage in meeting diverse customer needs. The availability of converters allows us to seamlessly switch between voltages, enabling efficient adaptation to specific power supply requirements.

Step 3
Installation environment Temperature

Confirm the temperature of the installation, if it is a cold storage truck, then you need to use a special model, he has low temperature bearings, aluminium wind wheel, stainless steel body and so on.

Step 4
24V Air curtain material

Our air curtains are available in stainless steel and steel to meet different installation scenarios and price ranges, please contact us for more info and knowledges.

Step 5
24V Air curtain color

Of course, we can also personalise the colour of the air curtain, such as a more industrial style black, or a colour that goes better with your logo.

Step 6
DC Air curtain package

This is because the 24v air curtain will be smaller in size and weight. So in transit, we recommend that it is equipped with 2 cartons, which will ensure that our goods reach you and your customers perfectly!

Step 7
Contact our professional sale

After finalising the nameplate, manual, and other details, you can start placing your order with our professional sales. Normally, our delivery time is 30-35 days, please contact: with 7/24 hours

Technical data for DC air curtains

As one of the new top-class products for modern decoration, air curtain is also matched with the Bus, Refrigerated Truck/Container. And it is installed the place need 24V DC to Prevent The Cold Air Loss And Reduce Fuel & Electricity Consumption, keep dust, mosquito/insect out, and so on.

ModelDiam WheelMotor speed (R.P.M)Power (W)Air Velocity (m/s)Noise (dB)Air Volume (m3/h)Weight (Kg)Size (mm)

Dimension for 12V & 24V air curtains

Dimension for 12V & 24V air curtains

A – Total Width (mm)
B – Total Hight (mm)
C – Air Curtain Width (mm)
D – Mounting Plate Hole Distance (mm)
E – First Fixed Screws Distance To Side Body (mm)
F – Second Fixed Screws Distance To Side Body (mm)
G – Total Length (mm)
H – Top To Down Mounting Hole Distance (mm)
I – Distance Between Up And Down Mounting Hole (mm)

ModelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E(mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)I (mm)

installation caution


Please install the unit in a sturdy place to avoid shaking and ensure its security. Because it maybe causes the wall to become flexible or shaking and noise.

Please install the unit inside the room. The air inlet is more than 50mm from the door.

Don’t install the unit too low, no less than 2.3 meter from the ground.

When the entrance is wider than the unit, it is recommended to install two or more units in parallel. In this case, provide 20-40mm gaps between the units.

There is no gap between the air curtain and the ceiling when installing air curtain, keep above 50mm gaps between air curtain and door.

Don’t install the unit in a place where it is splashed by water, exposed to excessive steam, explosive gas or corrosive gas.

Our Happy Clients!

We are absolutely delighted to have Pandawind 24v air curtains installed in our refrigerated trucks for loading and unloading purposes. These air curtains play a vital role in preserving the freshness of our food during deliveries. Thanks to them, we can maintain the ideal temperature inside the trailer, which significantly reduces the energy required. As a result, we are also contributing to a greener environment by cutting down carbon emissions from our vans

Jemma Stone

CEO, Acme Food Industries

Indeed, Pandawind 24v air curtains have proven to be a game-changer for our delivery operations. The durability and sustainability of these curtains have allowed us to confidently offer a 2-year warranty on the product. With their help, we can ensure that refrigerated air stays inside the trucks, preventing any potential loss of cold during loading and unloading. It’s not only cost-effective for us but also environmentally friendly as we actively reduce our carbon footprint

Kelly Joe

Retailer Transport Manager

The PW DC air curtain ensures that the cargo area maintains the desired low temperature consistently, even after multiple stops, and minimizes the introduction of humid air. This is particularly important for temperature-sensitive products like ice cream, which can quickly melt due to temperature fluctuations. By having an air curtain installed above the door opening, the products are better protected, ensuring the ice cream, for instance, remains well-preserved throughout the journey.

Stella Alba

Logistics Manager

Questions And Answers / FAQs

Important Things You Should Know about Refrigerated Truck & Bus air curtains

What are the advantages of your 24V air curtains?

The small size, full body stainless steel, low-temperature bearings, aluminum wind wheel, etc. are all great choices for you!

this 24/12V air curtains can be used in -25°C

Yes, our air curtain machine can be used at -25 degrees, because our body stainless steel, low-temperature bearings, fully sealed motor can ensure that the air curtain machine at -25 degrees normal operation

Your 12v/24v air curtains could start it automatically, when the truck door is open or close?

Yes, if you have this need, you can contact our professional sales, we can add the automatic controller. Please contact:

Your air curtains can use in 12V?

Yes, our air curtains can use in 12V or 24V, pls tell us before you place the order.

What is the warranty on Pandawind compact air curtains?

We provide a 2-year warranty for our durable and sustainable air curtains with great confidence.

What's the max vehicle installation effective height for 12v/24v air curtain?

Pandawind DC air curtains can use 2.5-3meter inner height of the refrigerated trucks.

We are truck body builders, can we install the air curtains easily?

You can complete the installation of our 12v & 24v air curtains with complete ease, our unique design is made for quick installation without any difficulty. 

Which lengths of air curtains are available for purchase?

800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm for optional. If need a custom length, pls contact us: within 7/24 hours.


If I want to OEM bus air curtains, what the lead time for it?

25-35days for OEM order.

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