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Today, I write an article to show you how to check and repaired some troubleshooting about air curtains. Before it, it is necessary to understand the following two questions, they will help you do better troubleshoot work.

what is an air curtain and how it works?

Air curtains, sometimes also called an air doors, As the core component of the air curtain, the motor drives the fan wheel to rotate and blows out an airflow at the air outlet. This airflow forms a barrier-free door, which can effectively isolate the environment and temperature inside and outside the door. People and vehicles can enter and exit freely. Air curtains can prevent more than 90% of heating, cooling air, dust, and flying insects from entering the door.

3 commons problems and solutions

Okay, let’s check what’s the function problems of air curtains. Of course, there are only some common problems related to air curtains. If there are other function problems that cannot be solved, please remember that our experts are always at your side. You only need to pick up the phone to contact us or give us mail.

Air speed decreases after operation a period

The air outlet is blocked

Please clean the air outlet with clean water and a damp cloth. After cleaning, turn on the air curtain to blow away the water.

If there have grease at the outlet of the air curtains, please clean it with a non-corrosive detergent, or use warm water instead of cold water, the effect will be better.

After cleaning up, please adjust the angle of the air guide to maximize the efficiency of the air curtain.

Wind wheel dust layer or grease accumulation

Remove the wind wheel (refer to “How to take down the faceplate”) to check the fan blades. Dirty fan blades can cause insufficient air circulation. The wind wheel is inefficient.

Please use clean water and a damp cloth to clean the wind wheel, then dry the wind wheel and install it back to air curtains.

If there is grease in the wind wheel, please clean it with a non-corrosive detergent, or use warm water instead of cold water, the effect will be better.

Clean the dust filter (this is extra parts, only for some models)

If your air curtain has a dust filter, please remove it, and then (please use a neutral detergent and water) clean it. After finished clear, reinstall the dust filter back in place.

We generally recommend that the cleaning cycle of the air curtain is 3 months, but if the dust layer is particularly large, or the oily smoke is particularly large, we recommend that the cleaning cycle be shortened to 1-2 months

Connected to the power supply, but cannot operation

The remote control’s head cable is possibly loose.

Open the faceplate (Please refer to disassembly step 1) firstly, and plug the head cable tightly.

The other lead cables have possibly broken.

Open the faceplate, to use the multimeter to test the lead cables are broken or not, if yes, please replace the lead cables.

The remote control of the power of the panel (PCB) or capacitor is possibly burnt.

Open the faceplate to check, if the PCB or capacitor is burnt, please see steps G, H to replace


The unit is running bad or working with noise.

The wind wheel(s) are possibly bad.

change the wind wheel

The motor’s shafts have rubbish.

Please see page 3 from step A to step F to clean the unit’s body and the motor’s shafts.

The motor and wind wheel’s screws are possibly loose.

Please see page 3 steps A and step B to check the screws of the motor and wind wheel whether loose, if yes, please retighten the screw.

Maintenance practical guide

Before you begin, the most important thing is:

Never Begin Repair Or Reach Inside The Air Curtains Unless Turned Off The Power!

We need to prepare the below tools firstly

  1. Crosshead Screwdriver
  2. Nipper Pliers
  3. Multimeter

How to take down the faceplate

Firstly, with the crosshead screwdriver to take down the screws on the faceplate in order to loosen the face plate from the body, then turn over it to find the head cable of the receiver of remote control on the left side and unplug it, after that, remove the faceplate and put away.


Secondly to remove the two small plastic covers on the outlet, with a head cross screwdriver to loosen the screws, then to take down the installation plate and put it away.


How to take down the motor reinforcement.

To loosen the motor reinforcement’s screws on the body’s back by the crosshead of screwdriver, then to take down the motor’s reinforcement.


How to take down the wind wheel

Firstly, to take down the bearing holders of the right and left wind wheel by the crosshead of the screws driver.


Secondly please turn over the body, you can see the 4 pcs of screws near the power cord, please use the cross head of screw driver to take down them, then to lose the motor on the body (but don’t take the motor directly because the head cables still connected).


Thirdly the right and left wind wheel’s side that near the motor, each has one screw inside, please loose the screws and hold up the motor lightly, then to take down the two wind wheels.


How to take down the motor

To open the insulated terminals by the nipper pliers and to loosen the lead cables, then to take down
the motor.


How to take down the PCB and the capacitor.

To loosen the screws of the PCB and the capacitor, then you can take down the PCB and the capacitor.


How to take down the wind grill.

To loosen the wind grill’s supporter, then to take down the wind grill.


Wiring Diagram

Caution: Any repair problems relative to the cables, please re-connect the wiring according to the wiring diagram, special note that ground wire must connect correctly in order to avoid the safe accidents.


According to the above repair steps, you can do some simple repairs. If you encounter difficult troubles, please contact our professional staff to complete troubleshoots. Please feel free to contact us directly via, or fill out our online contact form for further assistance.

We are very proud to provide only the best air curtain brands. We have more than 13 years of experience and can help customers find products suitable for their market or application. Please contact us immediately to start saving energy and improving your working environment for your employees and customers

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