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Every time I pass by the door with the air curtains, I feel happy. Because the air curtains provides an invisible guarantee for our work and living environment. Of course, all air curtains require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also extend the service life of the air curtains. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause a lot of dirt or greasy dirt to adhere to the air curtains.

And when the air curtain is used in some very dirty environments, it may be necessary to clean them more frequently.

What’s the frequency of Clean up the air curtains?

In general use, the maintenance frequency of the air curtain is 3 months, if it is used under extreme conditions (multiple dust layers, oilier), clean it at least once a month.

7 steps to clear the air curtains

  1. Remove the chassis and clean it
  2. Remove and clean the dust-proof net (optional accessory)
  3. Remove and clean the wind wheel
  4. Remove the motor and clean the dirt
  5. Remove internal wires gray layer and oil stains
  6. Clean the air guide
  7. Install the air curtains and ensure operate normally

If you need to know how to disassemble the air curtain, please read this article

Why need to clean the air curtains?

After sometimes operation, dirt, dust, mold and other dirt from moisture will quickly accumulate in your air curtains. So, air curtains require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. Clean air curtains not only bring efficient operation, but also save you money and eliminate potential problems.

Notice before cleaning up:

  1. When cleaning the air curtain, it is strictly prohibited to use compressed air, chemicals, solvents. Clean the inside of the air curtain with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner
  2. Never Begin Repair or Reach Inside the Air Curtains Unless Turned Off the Power!

Let’s start to clean up the air curtains

Confirm air curtains contaminants

First confirm the scene of using the air curtains, it is used in general, dusty environment, or fume environment. If it is used in a fume environment (Kitchen fume), a special detergent (removing grease) is required

Observe the air curtains

Check whether there is too much dust accumulation on the frame of the air curtains, and whether it needs to be maintained and cleaned in advance.

Because in different environments, the frequency of cleaning and maintenance will be different. If there is a visible accumulation of grease on the outside of the air curtains, then it needs to be cleaned immediately.

Cleaning air curtains chassis

If the chassis is too dirty, it will be seen directly by customers, which will cause customers to be reluctant to go shopping or leave a bad impression. So, cleaning the chassis is very important.

First, we disconnect the power supply and remove the air curtains from the mounting plate. Then removal the cover plate. After that, clean the ash layer on the surface cover with clean water.

If there is grease, use a special detergent or soapy water. Set aside after cleaning and let dry.

Dust-proof net cleaning (some models)

If your air curtains are equipped with a dust-proof net. (cannot confirm whether your machine have a dust-proof net, please contact our sales) Our dust-proof net can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

So, you only need to remove the dust filter, rinse it with water, and remove the water, dry it. Install it back.

If the dust filter is greasy, please use a special detergent or soapy water.

Wind wheel cleaning

Because the wind wheel is the main air circulation component, if the wind wheel accumulates too much dust or grease, it will reduce the air speed and affect the effect of the air curtains.

Therefore, ensuring that the fan is kept clean and clean will keep the fan in good working condition. 

Moreover, a dirty wind wheel can cause abnormal vibration, noise, and excessive wear of motor bearings. Therefore, the inside and outside of the wind wheel must be cleaned.

After cleaning, the wind wheel removes moisture and air-dry.

Motor cleaning

The motor is the core component of the air curtains, so it is important to keep the motor clean.

If the motor has a large amount of dust or grease accumulation, it will slow down the heat dissipation of the motor, and even overheat.

Motor shafts and motor bearings also need cleaning and maintenance. Please be careful not to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean them. After cleaning, make sure that the motor stays dry.

Please pay attention to avoid water entering the copper wire inside the motor. If water enters accidentally, you need to wait for the water to dry completely before installing.

Internal wires

Inside the air curtain, there is a link to the wires.

We need to check and clean up the dust layer and stains on a regular basis. If you find that the wires is corroded or exposed, you should contact a professional after-sales service or electrician for inspection and repair

Wind guide

Clean the wind guideWhen the air curtains are operation, the air is in a cycle at the door, and about 80% of the air actually returns to the air curtains. This will form a circulating dust circle.

In order to achieve efficient air curtains performance, it is important to set the wind guide angle correctly. The air curtains wind guide should be adjusted to make it about 18-22 degrees from the opening inward or outward.

Installation air curtains

Okay, the air curtains have been cleaned, now what needs to be done is to install the air curtains back, please make sure that all parts are clean and dry.

After installation, check whether the bolts and fixing screws are fastened. If they are loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them. Finally, power on to test the air curtain is operating normally.

Well, you have completed a great task, applaud for yourself.

Extra knowledge, types of dirty things

Gray layer

This type is relatively common, it is relatively simple to clean up, you can use a brush or a wet cloth to clean it


If oily or greasy substances accumulate on the curtains, you may need to use detergent or soapy water to remove them.

Sum up

If not cleaned up the air curtains, it will not only reduce the performance of the curtains, but also bring health risks to employees and customers. If a dusty air curtains hangs at the door, customers will definitely cancel the idea of going shopping.

If the air curtain has grease and mold, the air curtain will affect the indoor environment and hygiene. Therefore, it is very critical and important to clean the air curtains regularly.

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