The Pandawind Air Curtain Selling Point and Features

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material prepare area

Wide range

No matter what your application is, we have a suitable air curtain

Excellent control and automatic control

Exquisite appearance, fully fit the human palm design. We also have a door magnetic switch and travel switch, which can help the air curtain to run automatically.

Luxury and compact design

The beautiful air curtain is easy to match with any architectural interior. Without visible screws, it can be perfectly integrated into the building

Multiple appearances

The color can be sprayed with white, black, silver, red color, etc., different materials (stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, etc.), different air intake grilles, etc.

Decorative function

Our air curtain has an elegant outlook design. Some models can be decorated with the possibility of affixing the company logo or slogan at the entrance, inserting signs, clocks, lights, etc. According to the requirements of the building.

Low noise

Our air curtain has a low noise design (soft connection of the motor), and our motor has high performance and low noise operation. Our wind wheels are made of heigh abs plastic, which has very good quality.

Reliable and durable

Using high-quality raw materials, we have repeatedly tested and designed, so that each component can play its best role. And long service life, pure copper design of the motor, ball bearing, continuous safe operation for 5000 hours without any failure

Easy and quick installation

It saves time for end users and simplifies the installation steps. Users can install them by themselves. At the same time, we have detailed installation instructions and operation manuals for each model to help customers install without barriers.

Reduce maintenance

Some models can add an anti-layer net, so when cleaning the machine, you can directly remove the dust net for cleaning.

Air curtain advantages


We have ISO 9001-2015 quality system certificate, ISO 14001-2015 system certificate, UL American certification, CE certification, INMETRO certification…

We have three 100% quality control,

First: 100% raw material inspection,

Second: 100% motor finished product inspection,

And third: 100% complete machine inspection.

At the same time, we produce air curtain compliance with the directives and applicable regulations

Technical support

Our experienced & professional technical team will be at your service at any time to answer your questions about the installation and operation of our air curtain

International sales team

At the same time, we have a 10 international sales team, with rich international sales experience, which can help you quickly understand the dynamics of market demand and grasp the latest products.

Professional R & D team

We have a professional r & d team of 9 people, based on sales and market feedback, to develop the latest air curtains, so that our customers always have strong competitiveness.

A wealth of information

There are a large number of technical documents in our download area, including manuals, catalogs, wiring diagrams, dimensional drawings, special instructions, troubleshooting…

Short delivery time

We purchase raw materials for almost all core parts and produce them by our own factory. So, we can ensure that the delivery date is well controlled and will not be delayed according to the transaction date. At the same time, we have 10 efficient assembly lines to ensure that the monthly production capacity can reach 30,000 units

Well-known brands

Exported to more than 30 countries/regions, and have rich experience in the field of air curtains. We can proudly say that our technology and r&d are at the forefront of the air curtains, and we are not satisfied, we are still improving.

Perfect service

We provide pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales service. These are all done by our professional staff so that customers feel comfortable and satisfied from the beginning of choosing us.

One year warranty

Our air curtain is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

At the same time, we can provide accessories (need fee) to the dealer as a repair and replacement in addition to the warranty.

In our terms: Underused, incorrect operation, incorrect installation, incorrect wiring, unauthorized personnel disassembling, repaired products or products damaged during transportation are completely excluded from the warranty.

At the same time, we can also guarantee to extend to 3 years or more longer 5 years (this is optional)

If any need or any questions about air curtains, duct fan, ventilation fan, heating recovery units, please give us an e-mail. or 

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