How to improve customers satisfaction by using air curtains

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The air curtains have a very important role to play, which is to provide customer comfort. Because business owners know that pleasing the customer, also means a high probability of getting the order. So, business owners will consider many aspects to improve customer satisfaction, and the air curtains, are often a member of the improvement of customer satisfaction.

Why the air curtains can play a Core Role?

We first have to start with the working principle of the air curtains. The air curtains are mainly due to the high-speed rotation of the motor, which drives the rotation of the wind wheel, the air from the air inlet into the air curtains to accelerate the air inside.

The accelerated air at the door, forms a wind curtain (invisible door), and this is an air barrier, it can put most of the annoying things outside the door, and keep the room clean and tidy.

6 ways to improve customer satisfaction

1. Maintain room temperature

The air curtains can be very effective in isolating waste and loss of energy. Thus, maintaining the temperature of the room.

For example, on a hot summer day, most shopping malls will choose to open their doors to greet customers. If the right air curtains are installed and running, most of the cool air inside will still stay inside and will not escape. Customers will enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner inside and stay in the store for a long time to select satisfactory goods.

However, if there without air curtains, it means that the valuable cool air will escape through the open door. The room would never reach the right comfortable temperature, and even the air conditioning would fail. If customers are sweating, they will definitely not have the patience to choose the merchandise, and it will even affect their mood, leading to complaints, etc.

So, maintaining a comfortable temperature is the primary factor in retaining customers.

2. Deter flying insects and pests, improve customer and employee satisfaction

We all hate flies and mosquitoes entering our lives because they not only make annoying sounds, but also spread a lot of bacteria and viruses.

The air curtains produce a wall of wind that can be very effective in blocking the entry of these flying insects. For shopping malls, it can maintain a neat and tidy shopping space, and for restaurants, it can keep the food fresh and maintain the safety and hygiene of the restaurant.

Therefore, the air curtains can stop harmful insects from entering the stores, which can threaten the indoor environment and contaminate the food, thus enhancing the satisfaction of customers and employees.

3. Prevent dust and smoke intrusion, increasing customer and employee satisfaction

In the stores and restaurants often close to the road, they often also face the trouble of dust. Because of the huge dust layer from fuel car exhaust, construction, and road construction, affects the shopping experience or dining experience.

Too much dust can lead to a layer of dust on the store’s merchandise and cabinets, which can seriously affect the shopping experience of your customers, or customers are even not willing to enter your store, bringing you huge losses.

The food is more intolerant of the appearance of the gray layer, which will lead to problems with the health of customers, leading to unnecessary trouble and losses.

Powerful air curtains can make this garbage cannot enter the store, and maintain indoor clean, hygiene, clean. This allows customers to sit in a comfortable smoke-free, dust-free, odor-free environment to shop or happily wait for delicious food to be served.

4. Preventing odors and bad smells from intruding, retaining customers

In the external environment, there are many factors that can cause odors and bad smells. For example, the odor brought by garbage, public toilets emitted from the odor, sewer unpleasant smell, etc.. They all will affect the customer’s shopping and dining experience.

So, the air curtains will be these invisible odors, all keep in outside, will not affect the mood of customers and employees in the store.

5. Do not need to “help me pull”, enhance the customer shopping experience

When a woman is carrying a shopping bag in her left hand and a child in her right hand, if your door is closed at this time, is it very inconvenient for her to enter and exit?

Yes, it would be very inconvenient for this woman and make the customer very unhappy.

When a father with a stroller wants to enter the shopping, is it convenient for him to open the door of the store?

The answer is: inconvenient.

When an elderly or disabled person is in a wheelchair, they may not be able to push the heavy glass doors.

If a business owner installs air curtains, all these inconvenient problems will not exist. Not only will this increase customer satisfaction, but it will earn your lifetime customer. The conflict between customers and employees is also reduced

6. Customer’s heart warm by happy employees

If your employees work in a comfortable environment, they will not have unnecessary complaints, but enjoy the job very much. Then he will also treat customers with great patience.

This will result in positive feedback and a positive cycle. The staff at this point will give your customers a feeling of home. Give your customers the urge to pay immediately.


There are many business owners who think that air curtains are only used to insulate the external environment and save energy, but in fact, greater use is to provide a comfortable shopping experience to customers.

It gives the business owner a more stable potential income, and in most cases, this potential income is not easily visible.

If the air curtains with heating, and used in the cold winter, a warm wind blowing down, customers felling your heartwarming when extra the door.

So, choose the right air curtains and install them on your door, and let it make money for you.

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