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Since the invention of air curtains, most of them have been installed for commercial or industrial applications. From small shops to cold storage, from Magnificent buildings to large warehouses.

However, as people’s lives and economy get better and better, more and more air curtains are installed at the door of homes or residential, and this became a very hot trend.

Many villa families have many doors, and most of them live with beautiful views and a good environment placed, close to nature. In this way, they will face a large number of insects flying into their homes, flying into the bedroom, which will affect the health of children, and spread viruses and bacteria. If insects fly into the kitchen, it will have an impact on food and put your family’s health at risk.

The air curtain is one of the most popular appliances in home decoration and maintenance because it saves money and trouble solver.

What Is A Residential Air Curtain?

Residential/home use air curtains are derived from commercial air curtains. After optimization and improvement, the air curtains can be used in residential. The residential air curtain has a large air volume, low noise, beautiful and fashionable design, and can be perfectly integrated with home decoration.

What Is An Air Curtain?

The operation of the air curtains is similar to an electric fan, but it is a special fan. The air curtain blows under the door to form an air barrier to isolate the indoor and outdoor environment and space. So as to protect the indoor environment and temperature.

It is stated in Wikipedia: An air door or air curtain is a device used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one open space to another. The most common use is a downward-facing blower fan mounted over an entrance to a building or an opening between two spaces conditioned at different temperatures.

Advantages Of Residential/Home Air Curtains:

1. Prevent harmful insects from entering the room

2. Maintain indoor temperature and reduce electricity bills

3. Improve indoor hygiene and prevent outdoor dust layer and odor from entering the room

4. Building a green family

The invisible door formed when the air curtains are in operation, isolates the indoor and outdoor environments, and can effectively block harmful insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths.

When you open the door, the outer ash layer will also float in. Your expensive furniture is often covered with an ash layer, which affects the life of the furniture. The air curtains can provide you with a green home and a good helper to solve indoor environmental problems.

Why Use Air Curtains In Residential?

  1. Prevent harmful insects from entering the room

Most families with villas are in close contact with nature, and the surrounding environment is very ecological. People can have BBQ at the back door of the yard, and children can play happily on the grass in the yard.

As the door or window is opened and closed or kept open, insects will enter your house quietly and stay in your room, living room, kitchen, and other places.

The entry of mosquitoes will damage the family environment and threaten the health of family members. Because they are very annoying and can spread harmful bacteria and viruses, making children sick. If the flies stay on the food, it will also cause the food to deteriorate.

So, by installing the air curtains, all of this can be solved very well, because the invisible door and barrier of the air curtains can prevent insects from flying into the home. So that the family can not only play outdoors happily but also enjoy the indoor environment.

  • Maintain indoor temperature and reduce electricity bills

The air curtains are not only effective in preventing insects, but also a master of energy saving. it is very good at reducing household energy costs and can avoid you from seeing headaches on electricity bills.

Whether in the hot summer or cold winter, we all need HVACR to help us cool or heat, but the frequent opening of doors or windows will lead to the loss of expensive heating or cooling air.

This requires air curtains to prevent the loss of these energy sources but also means the loss of money because cooling or heating requires a lot of electricity. The air curtains can also reduce equipment startup and compressor working time, and slow down the aging of HVACR equipment.

  • Improve indoor hygiene and prevent outdoor dust layer and odor from entering the room

There are more or fewer ash layers outdoors, such as road construction, exhaust from cars passing by, and some odors from household garbage.

If the door is opened, these ash layers and odors will enter the room, speeding up the frequency of cleaning and bringing unpleasant experiences to the family.

Installing the air curtains can perfectly solve these problems and make the family happier and joyful.

  • Building a green family

Air curtains can perfectly solve the problems of insects, energy loss, ash layer, odor, and so on. At the same time, the air curtains provide a perfect living environment for family members, so that family life and nature can be perfectly integrated.

Similarly, the air curtain also contributes to environmental protection. The air curtain can certainly reduce the waste of energy and reduces carbon emissions, making an indispensable contribution to a green family and green earth.

Residential Air Curtains Classification

There are two types of household air curtains, one without heating and the other with heating.

In summer, the without heating (natural wind) of the air curtains is definitely the most perfect. When you pass under the air curtains, it can provide the family with coolness and increase the comfort of the family. It also isolates the nasty mosquitoes and ash layer outside the door.

In the cold winter, if the air curtain still blows cold wind, it is unbearable for family members. Therefore, a hot air curtains is needed at this time. The heating air curtains is divided into PTC heating, hot water plate heating control, household only PTC heating, small size, high efficiency.

Moreover, the heating air curtains can also heat the temperature of a local space, heating the room, so that the family can feel the warmth of the air curtains in winter.

Residential Air Curtains Effective?

It definitely works! Air curtains have been widely used in commerce and industry, and the effect is also very amazing. Therefore, when the air curtain is used in the home/residential, it can also keep those nasty flying insects out of the door, and can also save cooling costs while the door is kept open.

We recommend that residential air curtains are equipped with our automatic operation device. it means: when the door is opened, the air curtain starts to work, and when the door is closed, the air curtain stops working.

In this way, there is no need to manually open and close the air curtains, and through automatic operation, the unnecessary running time of the air curtains is reduced, which will increase the efficiency of the air curtain to the extreme.

Noise Level Of Residential Air Curtains?

The noise of residential air curtains is lower than those for general commercial and industrial use. Therefore, our residential air curtains adopt some technologies to make the noise level lower.

  1. Higher performance motor
  2. Optimized design of wind wheel
  3. Improved air duct design
  4. Soft connection of the motor

After using these technologies, the air curtains decrease operation noise.

Here We Understanding Some Science About The Noise Level:

A noise level of 30 to 40 decibels is a relatively quiet normal environment; more than 50 decibels will affect sleep and rest. Interference with conversations above 70 decibels will affect work efficiency and even accidents; long-term work or living in a noise environment above 90 decibels will seriously affect hearing and cause other diseases.

0-20 decibels very quiet, hardly feel

20-40 decibels quiet, like a soft voice

40-60 decibels for ordinary indoor conversation

60-70 decibels Noisy and nerve-damaging.

70-90 decibels Very noisy, nerve cells are damaged.

90-100 decibels Increased noise and hearing loss.

Therefore, the operating noise of our air curtain is less than 50 decibels

Where Air Curtains Installed In Residential?

The villa has many doors, so you need to distinguish between different doors to install the air curtains because their functions are somewhat different.

Most residential users want to prevent flies, mosquitoes, and many other flying insects from entering their homes. The other is to save HVACR costs.

The door types are as follows:

Balcony/Yard Door: Sliding Glass Door, Single Door, Double Door

Installed in the home, the most common is to open to outdoor entertainment areas, such as the swimming pool in the front yard, or the garden in the backyard, also, where children play games.

Most of this includes: sliding glass doors, single doors, and double doors.

The role of the air curtains is to prevent insects and control the temperature at the same time. The most effective way to achieve is: to install the air curtains indoors, and inhale the cold or hot air generated by the HVACR, then to prevent these gases from escaping. At the same time, insects (either flying insects or reptiles) cannot enter.

If the air curtain is only used for pest control, it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

When choosing, we generally recommend installing a magnetic switch on the door. When the door is opened, the air curtains will run automatically.

Room Door Leading To Balcony: Single Door

Each room generally has a small door leading to the balcony, so that people can come out at any time in the room and enjoy the sunlight and natural winds.

This place is usually a single door, not too wide, and the purpose is to prevent insects and control the temperature. Our air curtains are equipped with 2 airspeeds, and it is generally recommended to operate at high speed.

Family Backdoor: Single Door Or Glass Door

The environment of the back door of a family is generally more complicated, because the back door is close to a corner with trash cans or dirty. These areas will be more likely to attract harmful flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes.

The use of residential air curtains can eliminate flying insects from entering these areas. Because once flying insects want to fly into a warm and clean room, the first thing they have to face is an invisible barrier. So, they will avoid these areas.

The air curtains can be installed externally or internally, both installations can control the entry of flying insects.

Garage Door

When people drive their vehicles back to their homes, they will directly enter the living room of the home through the small door. We generally do not install the air curtains on the garage door, but install the air curtains on the small door of the garage (leading to the living room).

The main function of the garage door is to prevent dust and smoke from the street, and secondly to prevent insects from entering.

Of course, some people hope to install it on the garage door, so as to prevent the ash layer from entering the garage and prevent the ash layer from making their vehicles dirty.

Home air curtains are the most effective for achieving this goal. We can be equipped with a special mounting bracket to hang the air curtains in front of the door. If these are not allowed, the air curtains can be installed vertically to blow horizontal wind.

The Way To Install The Air Curtains In Residential?

  1. Hanging (wall-mounted) installation

This kind of installation is the most common, and it is thought that this kind of installation is used in most scenarios. This method is also the simplest, please see the article link.

  • Hidden (ceiling) installation

This installation method is generally used above the glass door. In order not to affect the appearance and maximize the use of the room space, a hidden installation method can be selected.

  • Vertical installation

This kind of situation is relatively rare, and it is usually installed when hanging or hidden installation is not accepted. In this case, pay attention to the fixing of the air curtains and prevent vibration.

ROI In Household Air Curtains?

Residential air curtains are a bit more economical than commercial and industrial air curtains. If you install it yourself, you can even save installation costs.

Generally, a satisfactory return on investment can be obtained within 1-2 years. In a few years, the investment of installing air curtains will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The most important point is that it can isolate the harassment of flies and mosquitoes, solving a lot of trouble.

How To Choose A Home/Residential Air Curtains

If you still have any questions when choosing your air curtain according to this article, please contact our professional team, we can provide you with a series of professional advice and guidance. 

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