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The original intention of the air curtain is for climate protection, which prevents the exchange of indoor and outdoor air after opening the door.

When the door is opened, if, without air curtains, the heated or cooled air in the room will flow out, causing energy loss. After the air curtains, it can up to 80% of the energy loss be saved. Under normal circumstances, the average payback period of the air curtains is 2 to 3 years.

We can also use it to prevent dust, outdoor pollution, prevent flying insects from entering, keep the indoor air clean, and improve the comfort of employees or customers.

Where are the air curtains used?

Air curtains are mainly used in commercial, industrial, and cold storage, but rarely for household use. The most commonly used places are:

  • Retail Stores and Convenience Stores
  • Cold Storage and Refrigeration
  • Factory and Storage Warehouse
  • Institutions and Facilities
  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Pest Control
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Transportation and Loading Dock Door
  • Hospital or Medical Building
  • Hazardous and Corrosive Environment

Are you curious about how the air curtain is used in these applications? Which air curtain is suitable for your building? What can I get in return for choosing these air curtains? OK, please continue reading this article, you will find answers satisfied.

Main function of air curtains

To understand where the air curtain can be installed or used, we just need to remember one thing: we need to understand what are the air curtain function? After knowing these pieces of knowledge, then, the application of the air curtains is also clear.

  • Increase employee comfort, reduce employee-leaving and complaints
  • Prevent loss of air-conditioning/heating air and save energy
  • Keep the door open for better visibility, thus improving the safety area
  • Makes loading and unloading goods faster, safer, and higher output
  • Eliminate ice and fog in cold storage areas
  • Prevent flying insects, dust, smoke and pollutants, and enhance customer experience
  • Reduce the operation time and frequency of HVACR equipment
  • Increased available space near the door area

Retail Stores and Convenience Stores

For retail stores and 24-hour convenience stores (such as 7-11, Go-Mart, Circle K, etc.), economical type air curtains are required to be installed. For this kind of small store or small business places, some stores have only one entrance, and some stores have two doors, which are divided into front entrances and back entrances.

Regardless of the front door and the back door, they need to be protected by an air curtain, but there are some differences in choosing the type of air curtain.

The front door is the place where customers enter and exit. These places are sometimes required to add a door sensor device (auto operation) and heating function, and some even require the air curtain to have a decorative. For the rear door, it is the unloading area and the surrounding environment is more complicated, so it needs an air curtain with stronger air speed to maintain it.

Why Need Air Curtains Used in Retail Stores and Convenience Stores?

  1. Open the door for a long time to welcome customers
  2. Ensure food safety in the store and prevent the entry of flies and other flying insects
  3. Ensure store environment not affected by the outside, prevent the ash layer from entering
  4. Keep loading and unloading goods normally when the back door is open
  5. Prevent pollutants such as flying insects from entering the warehouse when loading and unloading goods

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Retail Stores and Convenience Stores

  1. Invisible Door = Customers-friendly
  2. Insect & Pests Stopper
  3. Temperature Stability
  4. Cleanroom Protector = Protect Goods & Staffs
  5. Compressor-Friendly
  6. Perfect ROI

Cold Storage and Refrigeration

Some food, Cargo, or medical supplies need put in cold storage. In the cold storage, the temperature can reach minus 30 degrees, which will form a huge temperature difference with the outdoors. The greater the temperature difference, the faster the temperature exchange between inside and outside when the door is opened, the greater the energy loss.

Moreover, if cooled air is lost, it will become a temperature abnormality in the cold storage, which will have a serious impact on food safety and cargo safety in the cold storage. It is strongly recommended to install an air curtain to reduce energy loss when the door is opened.

After opening the door, the temperature in the cold store rises to the set value, and the refrigeration device starts to work and cool. In the absence of an air curtain, the compressor has a higher working frequency and longer operation time. Therefore, the air curtain can reduce the burden of refrigeration equipment and extend their used life.

At the door of the cold storage, fog and icing are often generated. Not only will it damage the products in the cold storage, but it will also cause the ground to be smooth. Threat to worker safety and reducing transportation efficiency. Also need to remove those annoying ice layers and reduce the cost of deicing/frosting in the refrigerator.

Some places will adapt to PVC door curtains, but this isolation method will bring a lot of trouble. For example, after a period of use, the PVC door curtains are dirty, and the PVC door curtains are frequently pushed open, reducing work efficiency. The PVC door curtains will also obstruct the view. Illuminated as a potential collision hazard.

Therefore, the ROI of the air curtain is very high, and it can help cold storage companies save energy/money.

Why Used Air Curtains in Cold Storage and Refrigeration?

  1. Keep inside food, cargo, or medical supplies safety
  2. Reduce energy consumption due to excessive temperature difference
  3. Reduce the start-up and operation time of refrigeration equipment
  4. To facilitate the handling of goods, improve the factor of safety of staff
  5. Prevent cold storage door from icing and fog, improve the efficiency of cold storage

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Cold Storage and Refrigeration?

  1. Invisible Door = Worker-Friendly
  2. Insect & Pests Stopper
  3. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  4. Stop Fog & Icing
  5. HVACR & Compressor-Friendly
  6. Perfect ROI

Factory and Storage Warehouse

In factory buildings, warehouses, restaurants, offices, sample room these areas, the installation of an Air Curtain Machine can bring unexpected benefits.

Installing air curtains at the entrances and exits of work plants, offices, and sample rooms can effectively reduce the entry of dust, as well as prevent harmful insects, such as flies from entering. Creating a comfortable environment, improves the work efficiency of employees.

As the workshop and office height is not the same so choose the type of air curtain machine is not the same. In the office area, the Air Curtain Machine also serves to prevent the outflow of heating and cooling gases, saving energy and electricity bills.

For factory warehouses, often with large spaces, high ceilings, and wide entrances require the use of more powerful air curtains. Air Curtain can replace the traditional PVC curtain, to provide a clean space for the warehouse, to ensure the safety of goods.

Factory restaurants with delicious food, tend to attract more flies, and also are more resistant to bacteria. So, the restaurant’s sanitation maintenance is very worthy of attention, we call our air curtain machine: Sanitation Gatekeeper

Why Used Air Curtains in Factory and Storage Warehouse?

  1. Provide air barrier to provide a comfortable working environment for employees
  2. Reduce the loss of heated and cooled, saving unnecessary electricity bills
  3. Compared with the traditional PVC door curtain, the air curtain can improve the safety of employees
  4. Protect cargo from dust, temperature fluctuations and flying insects
  5. Ensure the dining environment is clean and hygienic

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Factory and Storage Warehouse?

  1. Invisible Door = Worker-Friendly
  2. Insect & Pests Stopper
  3. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  4. Perfect ROI
  5. Cleanroom Protector = Protect Food

Restaurants and Food Service

Sanitation is the basic condition for the survival of the restaurant. Failure to pay attention to restaurant hygiene will not only affect the health of customers but also the restaurant owner will face more serious consequences. In the dining hall, having a good dining environment will attract more customers, and business will flourish.

The air curtain can create an invisible door to block the outside dust layer, harmful gases, flying insects, save energy, and so on. Of course, in different places, the model and purpose of using the air curtain are also different. Let me give you some analysis.

Restaurant Entrance Door:

Restaurant entrance door, often need open often or long time to open, because the door has to be opened to welcome customers. If not without air curtains, harmful insects such as dust, polluted gas, and flies will take advantage of the void and entre restaurant.

Often at the entrance door, a stronger (higher air speed) air curtain is selected. Generally small restaurants, the door height will not be over three meters, so you can choose the cross-flow type air curtains. For some high-end star hotels, they have higher doors and higher ceilings, so centrifugal type air curtains are needed to install them to ensure effects.

Kitchen Entrance Door:

The air curtain can isolate the exchange of odors between the kitchen and the dining area to prevent the cooking fumes from being emitted to the dining area.

Then, the air curtain can also isolate external flies and harmful gases from entering the kitchen. If chefs process and prepare catering food in a place with serious environmental pollution, it will have a great impact on food safety, and customers will eat unclean food. It will have an impact on health.

And if the kitchen is not clean and flies are flying in the sky, the chef’s mood will be affected and the food will be unpalatable. It is a huge loss of restaurant customers. Food hygiene, cleanliness, safety, and reliability are the first priority.

Restaurant cold storage door

Some large restaurants, often have independent cold storage, which requires the air curtain to be installed at the entrance outside the cold storage, which can save electricity bills and isolate external polluted air or pests.

Restaurant back door/unloading door

For the back door or the unloading door, it is often necessary to open it in stages. The environment of the back door is often worse, that is, more flies. Therefore, a stronger air curtain is required, preferably with a magnetic switch, it will operate when the door opens, and stop when the door closed.

For restaurants, the air curtain is to maintain a more comfortable and high-quality environment, thereby improving food safety while saving energy costs, improving customer satisfaction, improving employee comfort.

Why Used Air Curtains in Restaurants and Food Service?

  1. Isolate the externally polluted air, isolate the ash layer, and prevent pests such as flies from entering the dining area
  2. Prevent oil fume from the back kitchen from entering the dining area, affecting customers’ dining experience
  3. Prevent harmful gases and insects from entering the kitchen and provide employees with a comfortable working environment
  4. Prevent harmful gases and insects from entering cold warehouse, there stored food raw materials, and also save energy when opened the door
  5. Prevent insects, ash layer, etc. from entering through the back door, 360 degrees without dead ends to protect restaurant hygiene

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Restaurants and Food Service?

  1. Invisible Door = customer satisfaction
  2. Invisible Door = staffs Comfortable
  3. Insect & Pests Stopper
  4. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  5. Perfect ROI
  6. Cleanroom Protector = Protect Food

Schools and Educational Institutions

In schools or educational institutions, there are too many places where air curtains can be used to improve the comfort of the teaching environment or the level of hygiene.

In the schools, canteens, teaching buildings, student and teacher dormitories, science laboratories, libraries, gyms, etc., the internal spaces of these buildings are all vulnerable to external pollution. For example polluted air, pests, such as flies, moths.

In summer or winter, the air curtain can also prevent the loss of heating or cooling, reduce the burden of electricity bills, and reduce the burden on air conditioners or heaters, thereby increasing the service life of these HVACRs.

Installing adaptive air curtains at the entrance of the building can provide safe and healthy learning and living environment, allowing students and teachers to study and work in a comfortable environment, and the efficiency will be greatly improved.

If the air curtain is installed in the school restaurant, it can provide students and teachers with a safe and hygienic dining environment, so that they can eat at ease.

Why Used Air Curtains in Schools and Educational Institutions?

  1. Provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for teachers and students
  2. Use in the dormitory to provide them with a clean-living environment
  3. Use in the library to provide them with a perfect reading environment
  4. Use in the restaurant, provide a clean and hygienic dining environment
  5. Use in the laboratory to ensure the safety of experimental supplies

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Schools and Educational Institutions?

  1. Insect & Pests Stopper
  2. Invisible Door = teacher & student satisfy
  3. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  4. Perfect ROI
  5. Cleanroom Protector = Protect Food 
  6. HVACR & Compressor-Friendly

Entertainment Places

Entertainment venues include many occasions, such as bars, KTV, game halls, bowling alleys, Internet cafes, and so on. They are large in scale and have extensive business areas, so the installation scenarios are also very complicated. At this time, you need to consult our professional sales teams, and they will give you suitable suggestions.

The main purpose of installing air curtains in these places is to prevent the entry of harmful gases from the outside, such as car exhaust, the ash layer formed by road construction; outside pests, such as flies and moths; there is also a more important purpose. To prevent the loss of air-conditioning or heating and high electricity bills.

If the weather is cold, the PTC heating air curtain can also blow out hot air to increase customer comfort. If the angle is adjusted indoors, it can also play a role in the heating room.

Using our air curtains can perfectly solve these existing problems, provide you with a perfect indoor environment, and make your business flourish.

Why Used Air Curtains in Entertainment Places?

  1. Putting the air curtains at the entrance can perfectly prevent the entry of pests and ensure the indoor entertainment environment
  2. The air curtains are placed in the dining area to protect the safety of food and ensure normal business
  3. The air curtain can also save energy, which means saving a lot of electricity bills that shouldn’t be on the bill
  4. Improve the comfort of employees and customers and make customer relationships closer
  5. Prevent external construction and automobile exhaust from affecting the indoor environment

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Entertainment Places?

  1. Insect & Pests Stopper
  2. Invisible Door = customers satisfy
  3. Invisible Door = staffs Comfortable
  4. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  5. Cleanroom Protector = Protect Food 
  6. Perfect ROI

Transportation and Loading Dock Door

For some transportation companies and cargo transfer stations, often have very large warehouses, and the warehouse doors are also very wide and high. Some warehouses still use PVC curtains, which will cause great inconvenience to the operation of the forklift.

Because forklifts need to enter and exit to transport goods very frequently, the door needs to be opened and closed continuously. Bringing a lot of trouble to workers and reducing work efficiency.

Moreover, PVC door curtains are very easy to become very dirty, which will bring bacteria and pose a threat to the goods in the warehouse. Moreover, the PVC door curtain will obstruct the sight of the operators and bring safety hazards.

In transportation hubs, such as long-distance bus stations and bus terminals, there are car exhausts, smoke, and dust everywhere, and the environment is full of odors, and these gases are also harmful to health.

Passengers waiting for vehicles here need a quiet and comfortable environment, which requires a powerful air curtain to maintain indoor air quality.

In addition, there is air conditioning or heating in the waiting room. To prevent the loss of these precious gases and save energy consumption, the use of air curtains is very necessary.

Why Used Air Curtains in Transportation and Loading Dock Door?

  1. Provide a safe working environment to make workers’ operations more efficient and safer
  2. Save a lot of HVACR resources and save electricity bills
  3. Create a comfortable environment for passengers and isolate external polluted air
  4. Keep off nasty pests and flying insects

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Transportation and Loading Dock Door?

  1. Insect & Pests Stopper
  2. Invisible Door = customers satisfy
  3. Invisible Door = staffs Comfortable
  4. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  5. High efficiency = without PVC curtain
  6. Perfect ROI

Hospital or Medical Building

The hospital relies heavily on indoor hygiene and comfortable wards to ensure the rapid recovery of patients. Therefore, the hospital is very demanding in terms of hygiene. Air curtains in hospitals need to prevent harmful gases, such as outdoor dust, debris, and automobile exhaust from entering. Similarly, our air curtain can prevent hot and cold air from entering the outpatient hall, thereby increasing high electricity costs and affecting the health and comfort of patients.

Therefore, you can see the air curtains at the front door, back door, and side door of the hospital. They are playing a very important role in maintaining the sanitation of the hospital and providing a comfortable environment.

Why Used Air Curtains in Hospital or Medical Building

  1. Prevent harmful gases from entering the hospital and provide with a healthy indoor environment to patients
  2. Isolate annoying insects out of the door, isolate germs and bacteria brought by pests
  3. Save the high cost caused by opening the door, while saving energy and environmental protection
  4. Isolate bad external gas and provide patients with comfortable rehabilitation wards

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Hospital or Medical Building

  1. Insect & Pests Stopper
  2. Invisible Door = Comfortable
  3. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  4. High efficiency = without PVC curtain
  5. Reduce bacteria = perfect healing environment
  6. Perfect ROI

Hazardous and Corrosive Environment

In some special factories and warehouses, the sparks generated by the motors or any electric arcs will cause explosions or fire accidents. The general locations are as follows:

  1. Production and storage areas of dangerous chemical products,
  2. The storage and filling area of fuel oil, gas and liquefied gas,
  3. Areas with high dust concentration, such as flour mills, polishing workshops with a lot of aluminum and magnesium powder,
  4. Production and storage areas for firecrackers and explosives,
  5. Coal mines,
  6. Paint warehouse, spray booth

These places are recommended to use our explosion-proof air curtain:

  1. Protection level: IP55
  2. Explosion proof standard: Exd II BT4,
  3. Insulation level: F

Institutions and Commercial Building

For most commercial entrances (commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, etc.), air curtains are widely used, the purpose of which is to reduce energy consumption and provide comfort. In winter, we can use PTC heated air curtains to provide hot air, so that people passing by feel warm, and can also provide more heat in the doorway area.

For commercial air curtains, the installation environment is usually more complicated, and some places may not support horizontal installation on the door. Then you can choose to install the left vertical installation, the right vertical installation and both sides. But note that if the air curtains need to be superimposed, they need to be fitted with anti-vibration pads, and the air curtains must also be fixed to prevent them from moving.

For these government agencies, or some commercial buildings, if annoying insects enter, it will be annoying to the staff, and it will also damage the food. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these annoying pests out of the door.

Benefits Used Air Curtains in Institutions and Commercial Building

  1. Insect & Pests Stopper
  2. Invisible Door = Comfortable
  3. Temperature Stability = Reduce Energy Loss
  4. High Efficiency = Without PVC Curtain
  5. Clear Room = Efficient Office Environment
  6. Perfect ROI

As a conclude

Most of the applications of air curtains are included in the above article. Of course, there are some small categories of applications that we did not mention, such as using air curtains at high-speed toll windows; in automatic car wash plants, using air curtains blow away water firstly.

These parts are all air curtains used in new scenarios. We also believe that in the future, more and more places can use air curtains to create convenience for people’s lives and production, and contribute to the environmental protection of the earth.

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