9 Advantages and benefits of air curtains (New step-by-step Guide)

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In our commercial building, factory, warehouse, and so on.

The air curtains can be seen everywhere arouse people’s interest.

People often ask, what benefits can I get when I install an air curtain?

Even some people have even installed air curtains.

But they still do not know what they can get from installing air curtains.

To get the answer, we can think the other way around.

We can ask ourselves a question, why should I install an air curtain?

If we understand this problem, we will know the advantages of the air curtain.

Advantages and benefits of air curtains

The purpose of using the air curtains are different in different scenarios,

So the benefits are also different.

Most of the benefits are as follows:

  • Energy savings through creating an invisible air barrier
  • Reduce the cost of enterprises and companies
  • Increase employee/customer comfort
  • Block off annoying flying insects, such as flies, moths, etc.
  • Keep the indoor environment clean, prevent bad odors, gray layer, smoke
  • Increase commercial profitability, open the door to welcome customers
  • Enhance security, elimination cold storage door ice, and fog
  • Keep the transportation of goods unimpeded and efficient
  • More aesthetic, enhance the grade of the building

If you still want to learn more about the benefits of air curtains,

just keep reading this article, I will show you more details.

Let’s get started.

The energy saving

Whether in a large shopping mall, a commercial building, or an office,

HAVCR is needed on almost all occasions to adjust the indoor temperature, air quality, humidity, etc…

It makes employees and customers feel comfortable.

During the operation of the equipment, sometimes the door is always open,

And sometimes the door is opened intermittently.

In this case, the indoor and outdoor temperatures must be exchanged.

In summer, hot air from outside enters the room,

And in cold winter, cold air from outside enters a warm room.

This will result in the long-term operation of air conditioners and other equipment,

Increasing electricity bills,

And if air-conditioning components such as compressors are not rested,

It will also shorten the life of the equipment.

If the air curtain is used correctly,

This problem will be solved and improved,

Which can greatly save unnecessary expenses for business owners.

For individuals and businesses, the use of air curtains can save costs.

For the environmental protection of our earth,

The use of air curtains can reduce carbon dioxide emissions,

Thereby saving our planet’s resources and protecting the planet’s environment.

It sounds very exciting, right?

Reduce the cost of enterprises and companies

As you know, the use of air curtains can save energy,

Thereby saving high electricity bills.

It can also slow down the damage of HVAC equipment due to overuse.

This way companies and business owners can save costs.

If the cost saved is used in customer experience or employee subsidies,

It will greatly enhance the company’s efficiency and bring great benefits to the company.

Increase customers and employee’s comfort

In the hot summer, although the indoor air-conditioning is turned on,

But because the door needs to be opened to welcome guests,

The cooled air is lost too quickly, and the air-conditioning effect is very insignificant.

This will still make the indoor temperature relatively high,

Not reaching the most comfortable body temperature for people.

In very cold winters,

We also have heating air curtains to ensure that the blowing wind is hot,

And customers or employees who enter and exit through the door will not wrap their clothes tightly or run to avoid the cold wind.

The comfort of employees cannot be guaranteed,

So employees’ work efficiency is low,

And customers are unwilling to spend too much time choosing products because of the uncomfortable indoor temperature,

This leads to a decline in turnover and even business cannot continue.

The use of air curtains will also provide convenience for people with disabilities,

Who use baby strollers, or those who carry many shopping bags.

If the door is closed, it is inconvenient for them to use their hands to open and close the door.

But, if their installation air curtain and their access door will be smooth.

Block off annoying flying insects, such as flies, moths, etc

The outdoor environment is very complicated,

There are many flying insects or pests, waiting to fly into the room,

Because the indoor environment or temperature is very comfortable.

And for restaurants, there is also a lot of their food.

So, it is very necessary to keep them out.

According to research and experiments,

A suitable air curtain can keep most of the flying insects out of the door

And provide a good indoor environment.

Prevent bad odors, gray layer, smoke

There are often all kinds of polluted air outdoors, such as:

  • Automobile exhaust,
  • Odor from garbage,
  • Ash layer caused by construction,
  • Various smoke,
  • And so on.

These will enter the room and affect the staff or customers comforts.

If these bad gases are not isolated from the door,

It will affect our business.

I believe business owners not want this happened.

Increase commercial profitability

We all need to open the door to do business, open the door to welcome customers,

So that we can welcome more customers into the store to buy goods.

And after installing the air curtain,

You can control the indoor environment and temperatures.

Thereby, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience,

Making your business better and better, and increasing profits.

If you install an air curtain,

You can use more space in the door attachment seat.

You can put some small things, which useful to customers,

Such as small storage for customers’ umbrellas,

These things play a role in storage.

Elimination of cold storage door ice and fog

Cold storage is a place where more air curtains are used,

Because the use of air curtains in cold storage can bring huge benefits.

Because there is a huge temperature difference between the cold storage and the outdoors,

If the door is opened, a lot of fog will be generated,

Which will obstruct the sight of the operators,

Affect the entry and exit of the goods, and reduce the efficiency of work.

Moreover, the water vapor in the outside air is often very high.

When it encounters cold air,

It will cover the ground at the door or the goods around the door with thick ice.

Seriously affect the safety of cargo and operators.

Therefore, installing the air curtain at the door of the cold storage will bring many benefits.

Keep the transportation of goods unimpeded and efficient

When the air curtains are used at the dock of loading,

Or the door of the warehouse,

Because the PVC plastic curtains is inconvenience,

But the air curtains can increase visibility and avoid collision.

The vehicles and worker can pass through the door without obstructing the view.

It will not be wasted time due to opening the curtain,

So the efficiency is higher.

More aesthetic, enhance the grade of the building

Compared with PVC plastic curtains,

The air curtain itself will bring harmony and beauty to the building.

For some air curtains to be more perfectly integrated into the building,

Patterns and logos can be customized on the cover plate of the air curtains.

Some air curtains can improve the grade of the building,

For example, use of aluminum alloy material body is higher than the iron body.

As a conclusion

In the above article, i just introduced the most common benefits that air curtains bring to us.

Now many new fields have begun to use air curtains, such as auto car wash shops.

After washing the car, they will use air curtains to remove water in car frame,

And then drying the car. So, the efficiency will be much higher.

In some disinfection and dish-washing workshops,

After the dish-washing is completed,

The air curtain is used to blow off the water,

And then the drying and sterilization are carried out.

I believe that in the future,

More and more fields will use air curtains,

And the benefits of using air curtains will not be limited to those mentioned in my article.

Let us wait and see.

The air curtains will serve our life and production more.

By the way: for any questions about the air curtains, you can contact our professional staff, the email is: joy@pandawind.com, thank you.

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