Why Supermarkets and grocery stores need air curtains?

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Air curtains for supermarkets and grocery stores is an indispensable role.

In the hot summer, the air curtains can not only isolate the cold air ready to escape at any time but also prepare to enter the customer, providing a burst of cool wind.

In the cold winter, the heating air curtains (electric heating or water heating) provide a constant stream of hot air, to provide customers comfort with a heart warm.

Of course, the benefits of air curtains for supermarkets and grocery stores go far beyond that. Follow me and explore down the road.

Why do supermarkets and grocery stores need air curtains?

To enhance the comfort of customers and employees, and to provide hot air (with heating function) in winter and cold air in summer, so that customers can feel warm and comfortable every time they enter and leave the store. At the same time, the air curtains can save business owners a lot of energy costs, and maintain a clean indoor environment. Keeps annoying flying insects out of the door.

Supermarket air curtains classification

Let’s take a look at how the air curtains work. Air curtains work principles like most ventilation fans, there is a motor-driven wind wheel, that accelerates the air, and forms an invisible wind wall at the door.

Continuous airflow reduces insects, smoke, ash layers, odors, etc. from entering the room. ASHRAE mentions that “the efficiency of air curtains to prevent infiltration at the entrance is usually between 60 and 80 percent.”

Cold air (natural wind) air curtains

Cold air curtains blowing out are the natural wind, and our daily electric fan is the same principle

Hot air curtains

Hot air curtains are divided into 2 heating model.

One is common used: without electric PTC heating,

Other is water heating.

4 benefits from use air curtains in supermarkets and groceries

Energy savings and headache of electricity bills

Many people will have questions about why adding a machine that consumes electricity will save electricity.

This is because the power of the air curtains themselves is very small, but its function to stop the loss of cold and warm air is far greater than the energy consumption of the air curtains themselves.

This is because the air curtains produce an invisible air barrier, limiting the heat exchange between the outdoor and indoor environments.

We can assume that if the supermarket or grocery store does not use the air curtains, in the hot summer or cold winter, in order to open the door to welcome customers, then the store owner need pay a huge electricity bill. Because the air conditioning compressor needs to work constantly.

And the compressor keeps working, which will lead to shorten the service life of the air conditioning unit and increase the subsequent maintenance cost.

Most business owners are concerned about the return on the air curtains. According to our laboratory data, most air curtains will cover the cost of purchasing air curtains within 1-2 years of use.

This is only the payback from the savings in electricity costs and does not account for the potential sales increase from the air curtains unit, the comfort it brings to employees, and thus the reduction in employee turnover.

Increased sales volume

Open your doors for business and welcome customers to come in and ship. Store owners know that as long as there are customers coming in, then that is half the success of the business.

So, choosing to install air curtains is a very smart choice.

If your supermarket does not install the air curtains, in order to save electricity, the door needs to be closed, customers have to push open the big and heavy glass door every time, so inefficient, customers will also leave a bad impression.

Some customers will also think that your supermarket has closed down. So, you’re not just missing out on customers, you’re missing out on money.

Finally, if the mobility of those who have difficulties, such as: small children, the elderly, pregnant women, customers in wheelchairs, customers with baby strollers, customers with other items in their hands, etc., will cause a lot of trouble. If the door is always open, all this will be solved.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

It is especially important for business owners to provide a comfortable and clean shopping environment for customers and employees. As we all know, there are many factors that can affect the indoor environment in the face of the outside. Some of the major factors are as follows.

1. Unpleasant flying insects

In the summer, the ubiquitous flying insects can often interfere with our lives. Mosquitoes alone spread more than 80 kinds of diseases. So, these abominable, spreading harmful flying insects out of the door, is the first priority.

If for insect deterrence, we need a stronger air speed than temperature isolation. Please consult our professional sales for details.

2. layer of soil flying construction

The urbanization process, construction, and highway building will create a large number of layers of soil, these layers of soil will be through the open door into the people’s activities. So, the use of air curtains can be very effective to keep them outside.

3. Ubiquitous car exhaust

Nowadays, when new energy vehicles are not completely popular, fuel cars are still running on the road.

Vehicle exhaust contains hundreds of different compounds, including pollutants such as solid suspended particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, lead, and sulfur oxides. If exhaust fumes are allowed to enter directly into the interior of a supermarket, they can be harmful to food, customers and employees.

Therefore, the use of air curtains can protect the health and comfort of the people inside the supermarket

Enhance human safety

If meet rainy weather, the doorway will become wet, and if not dealt with in time, customers and employees will easily have accidents and slip and fall.

If equipped with air curtains, the wind blows to the ground, accelerating the drying of wet places and protecting the safety of personnel.

In the event of fire or earthquake and other dangers, the open door allows customers to more easily and quickly escape the scene to reach a safe place. Therefore, the air curtains can play an important role in improving the safety of supermarkets and grocery stores.

How to choose suitable air curtains?

Supermarkets have complex and varied entrances and exits, with different environments and different purposes of use.

So, the selection of air curtains will be different. I present here some common cases.

The main door (customer access)

For the main door, mainly to prevent the loss of energy, so the first choice needs to determine the height of the door, and then in the selection of the type of air curtains.

2.5-3 meters, cross-flow air curtains.

3 m-4 m, centrifugal air curtains.

Now the air curtains into the design of the aesthetics, air curtains also with decorative effects, so we also have a luxury type of air curtains.

Unloading door

In the unloading platform, often also the back door of the supermarket, where has more flies, mosquitoes appear.

So, choose relatively strong air curtains, the effect will be very significant. Can also be used to isolate the exhaust fumes brought by the truck.

Supermarket cold storage

There is no doubt that the air curtains for cold storage have a huge help, energy saving, reducing the compressor running time, preventing the door ice and excess moisture, reducing food spoilage, and so on.


Air curtains are an essential part of the supermarket, and the benefits it brings to supermarkets and grocery stores are very obvious. Of course, the premise is the need for the right choice of air curtains, so that they will work more efficiently for you.

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