H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan

PandaWind Low Noise Duct Fan Application: Household, commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools…

Designed for quiet or low noise application

Our super quiet & thin series duct fan allows noise in the decibel of flower bloom and library

Weight 7-10 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 40 × 15 cm

50Hz, 60Hz


110V, 200V, 220V, 240V

Air Volume


H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan product video

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H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan data sheets

ModelVoltage/ FrequencyInput powerStatic PressureAir VolumeNoiseNet weightGross weightPackage Size
PW-DPT10-12F220/110/50/6017115120/71216. 77.4515×400×150Single Speed
PW-DPT10-18F220/110/50/6038176250/147246. 77.4515×400×150 High Speed
PW-DPT10-18F220/110/50/6033120180/106226. 77.4515×400×150 Low Speed
PW-DPTI0-24F220/110/50/6043220320/189276. 77.4515×400×150 High Speed
PW-DPTI0-24F220/110/50/6037190270/159256. 77.4515×400×150 Low Speed
PW-DPT15-34F220/110/50/6053235450/265297.68.2525×410×22High Speed
PW-DPT15-34F220/110/50/6045210350/206 277.68.2525×410×22Low Speed
PW-DPT15-45F220/110/50/6076265600/353347.68.2525×410×22 High Speed
PW-DPT15-45F220/110/50/6050240500/295317.68.2525×410×22 Low Speed
PW-DPT20-55F220/110/50/60107330750/442419.812575×470×26High Speed
PW-DPT20-55F220/110/50/6079295650/383389.812575×470×26 Low Speed
PW-DPT20-56F220/110/50/60145365900/530459.812575×470×26 High Speed
PW-DPT20-56F220/110/50/60102335800/471429.812575×470×26 Low Speed
PW-DPT20-66F220/110/50/601744051200/706509.812575×470×26 High Speed
PW-DPT20-66F220/110/50/601303851000/588469.812575×470×26 Low Speed


H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan -Dimensions



H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan – Curves



More details about our H2 Series duct fans


  • Single-speed / double-speed wind speed can be selected to meet the needs of different space use
  • Double inhalation types large wind wheel, light sound also does not lose wind power. Bearing motor, stable and durable, using a high-quality level motor, low noise, low energy consumption, lasting lubrication
  • Metal body, baking paint treatment, fire and rust prevention, metal plate industrial shape, baking paint body more durable and long-lasting
  • Terminal block junction box (flame retardant): easy wiring, no need for tools such as soldering iron, reducing the difficulty of wiring, and not easy to break, good contact
  • Ventilation vent (patented): can be automatically opened and closed with the airflow to prevent backflow and mosquito invasion, removable, easy to disassemble, and wash
  • Fixed lifting bayonet: machine fixed lifting bayonet design, combined with durable, fixed machine to prevent shaking, more solid
  • Flatworm shell duct: the use of fluid mechanics, import and export more smooth, quieter, he will concentrate the airflow in the worm shell, the operation to produce greater air pressure, and will be strong airflow sent out to produce high wind pressure, the strong wind volume


why choose pandaWind H2 Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan

the application to use our Super Quiet & Thin Series Duct Fan

Office: Solve the poor ventilation and noise. Comfortable office area
Classroom/Hospital: Greatly reduce environmental noise, make communication easy
Families/Household: Study room, bedroom, attic/ceiling concealed duct, quiet exhaust


  • Single-speed / double-speed wind speed can be selected
  • Double inhalation type large wind wheel
  • Metal body, baking paint treatment, fire, and rust prevention
  • Terminal block junction box (flame retardant)
  • Ventilation vents (patented)
  • Fixed lifting bayonet, durable, solid machine
  • Flat type worm shell air duct, smooth air intake, quiet


  • Solve The Poor Ventilation
  • Comfortable Office Area
  • Reduce Environmental Noise
  • Make Communication Easy
  • Ceiling Concealed Duct
  • Quiet Exhaust
  • Provide Fresh Air
  • Build Good Healthy
inner duct fan

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