Industry Axial Exhaust Fan

PandaWind industry axial exhaust fan: Low noise, double direction, Full copper wire and silicon steel for motor

Application: Factory, Warehouse, Shopping Mall, Large Kitchens, Occasions Need Air Exchange

Weight 2-4.8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 51 cm

50Hz, 60Hz


110V, 200V, 220V, 240V, 380V

Air Volume


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Industry Axial Exhaust Fan Details

Industry Axial Exhaust Fan data sheets

Input power(W)Speed
Air volume(m3/h)Noise (dB)Net weight (Kg)Gross weight (Kg)Unit size (mm)Mounting size(mm)Packing size(mm) (LxWxH)

why choose pandaWind Industry Axial Exhaust Fan

Advantages of our industry exhaust fan

  • Double Guard Front And Back Sides
  • Double Direction
  • Button switch
  • Full Cooper Wire+Silicon Steel (make sure low temperature rising)


  • Energy Saving: 100% copper wire motor for good conductivity.
  • Durable: Double ball bearing and fully sealed motor for a long lifespan.
  • Humanized design: Special angel blades with high speed motor for large air volume.
  • Easy maintenance: Flexible front net cover design, easily removal for cleaning.


  • Enjoy high-quality products
  • Reduce operation noise
  • Fast exhaust inner bad air
  • Help improve staff and customer healthily
  • Keep the fly out when the operation
  • Low power consume
6industry axial exhaust fan

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