H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan

PandaWind H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan: Low noise, High suction power, high air volume, Fast air change, Energy saving, 1 driven 2 model

90-degree air supply to meet the use of various occasions

Application: Bathroom, Study bedroom, Kitchen, Apartment, Hotel

Weight 25-4.8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 32 cm

50Hz, 60Hz


110V, 200V, 220V, 240V, 380V

Air Volume


H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan product video

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H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan

H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan data sheets

ModelPowerAir VolumeNoiseStatic PressureSpeedNet WeightGross WeightInstallation Infor.Installation Infor.Notes
Wm3/hdBParpm>=kgkgDuct Diameter (mm)Usable Area m3
PW-DPT10-11-T245200/1184311020802.53IN φ80 OUTφ1006-10
PW-DPT15-34-T243340/20046140127055.7IN φ100 OUTφ15020-25high speed
PW-DPT15-34-T240250/14742135112055.7IN φ100 OUTφ15010-20low speed
PW-DPT15-34-T347360/2124615012804.85.5IN φ80 OUT φ15033-38high speed
PW-DPT15-34-T340260/1534213511004.85.5IN φ80 OUT φ15028-33low speed

H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan -Dimensions



H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan – Curves

h4 multi ventilation duct fan cures

B1:PW-DPT15-34-T2 (Low Speed)
B2:PW-DPT15-34-T2 (High Speed)
C1:PW-DPT15-34-T3 (Low Speed)
C2:PW-DPT15-34-T3 (High Speed)

why choose pandaWind H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan

Advantages of our H4 Multi Ventilation Duct Fan

  • Thickened pure copper wire double roller, over-temperature protector continues to be efficient and trouble-free
  • Installation angle optional, the machine before and after the left and right 365-degree rotation installation
  • The air inlet and outlet are at an angle of 90 degrees, which can reduce the cost of an elbow and reduce wind pressure loss
  • The whole machine super thick full metal material is strong and durable
  • The whole machine spraying treatment corrosion resistance, precision technology, fine workmanship


  • Metal appearance
  • Moisture-proof
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Rust-proof
  • Fire-proof performance
  • Effectively gather wind power
  • Increase wind speed, run more smoothly


  • Enjoy high-quality products
  • Reduce operation noise
  • Fast exhaust inner bad air
  • Help improve good healthy
  • Keep the fly our when operation
  • Low power consume
  • Easy removable and clean
h4 multi ventilation duct fan 2

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