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Hello, my name is Joy Lee. I work as a product manager at pandawind. I am also responsible for the website’s SEO work, also called the site’s webmaster.

I have a family of four and lead a happy and happy life. After a day of work, my task is to take care of two children. Simple but happy.
Because pandas are China’s national treasures, we also hope that our lovely pandas can live carefree and bring more joy to the people. This is why our company is called pandawind.
I have been in the ventilation market for 12 years and have provided sales consulting and sales services to more than 240 customers to help them make money.

How will I help you?

Years of Experience

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I have been more than 12 years in air products industries, including air curtains, Exhaust fan, ventilation equipment... and have help more than 240 companies to grow their business steps by steps.

My Experience

With 12 years of experience in the industry, I have served the big names in the ventilation and refrigeration industry, such as: Airtècnics, Carrier, Dufrio… I have witnessed the development of their air curtain business,, amazing!

During the cooperation period, actively solve technical problems, research and development of new products, market share, competitor analysis, brand awareness enhancement, market analysis, summary and forecast of the entire foreign trade market, intimate pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales services, etc.


University graduation

After four years of university study, my major is international economics and trade. I successfully became an overseas salesperson and started a new journey in my life.


Enter ventilation industry

Because of fate, I entered the Pandawind and ventilation industry, worked hard to learn industry knowledge, learned basic product knowledge in the factory production line, and successfully put forward my own suggestions during the internship, helping the company save costs


Industry precipitation

Through unremitting efforts, he has successfully become the company’s sales champion and has never been surpassed. Customers who are served have become major customers step by step


Become sales director

Leading the team to successfully win more market shares in Brazil, and develop customers in Chile, Argentina, the United States, Singapore, Spain, Norway, etc.

Want higher sale and market information?

feel free to ask me any questions.

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What my customers say about me

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“When I wanted to learn about the air curtains, I opened Google and typed in: How to choose the suitable air curtain? Google is full of various documents. They have long and short, but most of them will confuse me even more after reading them. I cannot have a systematic knowledge system, and there is no way to get satisfactory answers quickly. Screen teacher, JOY. Don't hesitate, contact him, you will be pleasantly surprised!”

Porter Housman

customer say about andy 2
“Pandawind is the only brand I trust in China. My colleagues and I personally visited their factory and were impressed by their advanced equipment. In most cases, I will choose JOY without hesitation, because he is in charge, professional, and cooperating with him, I will not feel restrained, I like doing business with him very much. Because JOY never disappointed me.”

Rose Ann

customer say about andy 3
"JOY is a very smart "ventilation expert". He knows what customers need and what he wants to give them, because he always has first-hand information and materials in the air curtain, exhaust fan, and ventilation system every day. At the same time, I am very grateful to Andy for providing me with a lot of practical suggestions for website construction, perfect!"

Kitty Milne

customer say about andy
"JOY always gives people a sense of peace of mind. I think most of it stems from his sense of responsibility, professionalism, and patience. He always gives me quotations tirelessly (although I have very little trading volume) but he is not bored, does not "discriminate" me, thank Joy very much, I hope we will continue to cooperate happily."

Vivien Ford

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I wrote my blog with more than 10 years of work experience and showed it to you without reservation. I hope that your competitors will not see my blog and will not contact me before you, because the market experience is changing rapidly, maybe he will surpass is you

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